Because Summertime Is The Sweetest Time

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I love summer and I love celebrating this time of year with my friends and family. Today I’m sharing my favorite summer sweet treat with sponsor EDWARDS® Desserts.

edwards pies

Can you feel the warmth of summer yet?

We totally can. I think it helps that we live in Southern California and we seem to almost be in a perpetual summer of sorts with all the glorious sunshine we get, but this year was a bit different. This year it rained, like really rained. The rain lasted throughout the spring and was even really heavy at times. Of course, we needed the rain and we all secretly love it… but I think it also is making this summer even sweeter!

This past weekend we dusted off our patio furniture because as soon as the kids finish up school for the year, the kids’ parents celebrate! We all gather outside and enjoy a BBQ, or cookout for my East Coast friends. I always offer to bring the sweets and flowers always seem to jump into my shopping cart too!

summer entertaining

As much as I love baking, I also know my limitations, so when I want to bring something truly decadent, I bring an EDWARDS®Dessert or two!

summer entertaining food

EDWARDS® Desserts are convenient to buy, but the real reason they are my go-to dessert are the velvety layers, crushed cookie crust, and that they are as easy as one-two-thaw. This patisserie-decadence is something I would never be able to make at home and I love that I can still serve such decadence even when it isn’t something that I can make myself.

eating sweets

Everyone knows that I bring only the best to parties and that I also only serve the best when I’m entertaining at home. I have set a high bar which I am so proud of. I want to wow everyone and I love knowing that everyone will love the sweets I’m serving!

For this “welcome summer” party I decided to kick the season off with Key Lime Pie! Nothing, and I mean nothing, is more of a summer sweet than that. It can be paired with every meal and is perfect for every party, celebration, and get together from casual to fancy!

The grins from everyone when they see how beautiful the dessert looks is pretty awesome too… but nothing compares to enjoying it!

eating dessert

I’ve taken to keeping a few in my freezer so that I’m always on- always ready to wow with the sweets I bring or serve! Other great summer dessert choices are EDWARDS® Hershey’s* Chocolate Crème Pie, Turtle, Key Lime, Lemon Meringue, and S’mores desserts! I plan to work my way through them all this summer!

How do you kick off this splendid time of year?

Heather Reese
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