The No Particular Reason Celebration Treat

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This week was what we call a “birthday extravaganza” week. Pretty much, when there is a birthday in our home, we go all out. Since this was for Maddie's 18th birthday, we partied all week and then some. We went to LA to eat at her favorite places and some new places we ended up loving. Then we came home for a night and just she and I went on an overnight spa getaway. It was amazing, but poor Pete was left to handle everything while I was gone. 

For that, the man deserved an award. Since I didn't have anything handy, I did the next best thing and I stopped at Target on the way home and picked him up something even more amazing… MAGNUM® ice cream!

Oh yes, I did!

He was totally surprised and thought it was the perfect luxury treat for special occasions and every other day too!

I think he really realized just how awesome it was after he tasted it though. In every spoonful, you could taste the high-quality flavors and ingredients (hello hazelnuts!).

I just geeked out over how awesome the new MAGNUM® Tubs are! This is seriously the best ice cream container ever! I love that it is what I would call a “personal” size. Like maybe you could finish it as one person, in one sitting… but most likely if you are like us, you will be passing it back and forth, turning it into a shareable container. Totally your call though, no judgment here. 

But that isn't even the best of it. You guys, the sides, and top are coated in a cracking chocolate shell. Let me repeat that. There is an actual layer of chocolate you have to “break” into to get to the ice cream goodness. I've never seen anything like it before and it really makes for the perfect combination of silky ice cream and chocolate in every single bite!

In true “Heather” fashion, I “helped” (notice all the quotation marks? Ha!) Pete by squeezing the sides of the tub to hear that iconic MAGNUM® crack and then I used my spoon to crack into the top thick chocolate layer on the top. Why you ask? Because it was fun! I did let him have the first bite of course.

These tubs are heaven!

I Recommend you go right out and buy one or two or three for you and those you love! There is even an offer on Cartwheel for Target here.

You don't even have to have anything special to celebrate. Just celebrate your love of chocolate no matter what day it is!

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