Invisalign Treatment On The Go Is Easy

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My daughter and I are both receiving complimentary Invisalign® treatment, but all opinions expressed are our own.
Ash is just about finished with her Invisalign treatment and I wanted to share a different part of our experience today, getting straighter teeth while traveling. What we learned about this experience is applicable to those with a crazy busy family life jam-packed with activities too and those who travel a lot like we do. We even made a little video with our friends at Invisalign to share more about how Invisalign has helped us live a full life even during treatment. You can see it below!
My oldest, Maddie had her teeth straightened with traditional metal braces. 
Aside from not wanting to smile like she did before because her mouth was full of metal, we also were frustrated by the amount of time we had to spend at orthodontist appointments. Even worse was if we weren’t in town for her to get her braces adjusted her treatment time was extended. Having to keep your braces on longer than necessary is pretty upsetting for anyone, especially a teen.
When Ashley was ready for her teeth to be straightened I was so happy that she was going to have Invisalign clear aligners because the frequent trips to the orthodontist weren’t necessary like they were with Maddie’s traditional braces. 
That means we were free to continue traveling on our schedule and we didn’t have to make sure we were in town for all those orthodontist appointments. We soon learned that having Invisalign treatment gave us the freedom to really live our lives while still making sure that Ashley had a beautiful smile!
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With Invisalign treatment, you are given multiple clear aligners at a time so that you can change them on your own without having to go to the orthodontist each time your teeth are moved into a better smile. With braces, each of these changes has to be made by the orthodontist in the office unlike with Invisalign treatment where you just change the clear aligners on your own. For us, that means that we can keep our teeth straightening schedule from all over the world. We have done it in Hawaii, Jamaica, Mexico and all over the US. 
For busy families that don’t travel as much as we do, this also means not having to miss sports practice or school to go to the orthodontist either. 
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Since I had braces as a teen and Invisalign treatment now, I have found it to be less painful than braces. It is also 50% faster now as we now change our Invisalign clear aligners weekly, rather than changing every two weeks like before. 
As a mom who had braces years ago and now is having Invisalign treatment, I have also learned some other things that made choosing Invisalign clear aligners for Ashley the clear choice (pun intended). 
Our teens have more choices than we did when it came to having our teeth straightened. Back when we were kids, having metal braces as a teen was almost a rite of passage. Now there is a better choice and they don’t have to go through the discomfort or embarrassment of having braces. I was also really excited to see how well Invisalign clear aligners have worked for my teen’s issues. Getting Ashley’s smile straightened up was pretty complex and not an “easy” one and Invisalign treatment totally worked for her. Cost is also important and I learned that Invisalign treatment is often comparable in price to braces.
Here is our video with more reasons we have loved having Invisalign treatment.

Do you have a teen who is ready for Invislign treatment?

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  • My grandson needs braces and I think this would be a great choice for him. I’m going to send my daughter your post look to let her look into it.

  • It is amazing to me that this is an option now! That is so awesome that you don’t have to have all that metal anymore. My bottom teeth aren’t as straight as I would like, so I would love to give invisalign a try.

  • My daughter will likely need braces when she’s older, and we’ll definitely keep Invisalign in mind. I had metal braces throughout my middle school years, and I hated them.

  • My younger cousin has traditional braces and him and his mother always dread/complain about all the time spent at the dentist. These seem like a much better option if someone can afford it/is covered for it.


  • Sounds like this is a much better option for your family. I’d love to get my teeth straightened and this would fit into our crazy schedule perfectly.

  • My daughter needs braces but I think she keeps postponing it. I’ll share this post with her and hopefully she’s consider this treatment instead of the traditional metal braces.

  • I had never considered Invisalign but that would have been good for me or my daughter. Fortunately, we have been able to get our teeth straightened but Invisalign would have been a great option.

  • I fought my mother SO HARD when I was a teen against getting braces… I wish I had taken her up on it! (One – now I’d have straight teeth; and two – someone else would have paid for it haha!)

    Now that I’m older, I’ve definitely been considering Invisalign as an option.

  • It is a wise option, especially for families on the go. My daughter had traditional braces and I know how much time gets spent on visits for adjustments.

  • I used Invisalign as an adult for a little while. There were definitely pros and cons over traditional metal ones. Though not having brackets was great.

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