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Last weekend Pete and I headed up to Disneyland for the premiere of a new attraction. We planned for it to be just an overnight stay for just the two of us. The big girls stayed back home with family and Emmy came up with us and we dropped her off with some family closer to Disneyland. She was so excited to get to hang out with them, but then later that night she started to have some issues with asthma and wanted to be with us. The only problem was that we didn’t have enough beds in our room for all of us because we hadn’t planned for the three of us to spend the night. 

Thankfully we now travel with an airbed from Intex, the number one source for inflatable products.  

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There have been so many times over the past couple of years where we needed an airbed and didn’t have one, that we realized that our travels would be so much better if we did have one. For this trip, we took it out of our car and put it into our suitcase. It is really compact, especially when you take into consideration how large it gets when inflated.

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Out of the box, it has a nice carrying bag that it then folds back up into.

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We were both really impressed with how quickly it came to full size. The included air pump had it completely inflated in minutes and then we just added some sheets and a blanket and it was ready to go.

adding an extra bed to a hotel room

I asked Pete to put pressure down on it because I wanted to show the quality of the airbed. It is really solid, yet still soft enough to be comfortable. It also inflates pretty high, almost to the height of the standard hotel bed which is another reason that it feels like you are sleeping on a luxury mattress and not one that is as easily portable as the Intex airbed.

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As soon as Emmy joined us she was so excited to have her own bed. She just kept telling us how much she loved it and I was so happy that we didn’t have to squish and share beds. Since we are a family of five, and most standard hotel rooms don’t sleep more than 4, we have had some pretty uncomfortable situations like that in the past. We normally plan ahead and get multiple rooms, but some of our travel is last minute and we have been lucky to have even the one room available. The options are normally sharing beds or a rollaway, but the rollaway beds are uncomfortable and not something we normally go with. This is a solution that really works for us.

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Since we have had the Intex airbed we have realized how many uses there are for it. Right now Emmy is still having asthma issues and likes to be close to me when she is sleeping so I have her set up on the airbed next to me. It has really been a sanity saver. My parents often visit too and this is going to be perfect for them when they stay over. Of course, I am most excited about how much this is going to get used when we travel and we will be taking it with us all over the world. If you have a family of five or if you have kids that just won’t share a bed, especially teens, this is a must-have travel tool.

Intex Dura Beam airbeds are available at select retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Target, Kmart.

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  • Air mattresses are a life saver! I love to have the kids sleep on them when they’re feeling sick to their stomach since they’re so easy to wipe down, and they are great to use to convert the living room into a guest room when people come to visit!

  • WE owned that brand of bed for many years and it was incredibly convenient and really comfortable. It is perfect for out of town guests and sleep overs!

  • Having an airbed is convenient and it’s perfect for people who often have friends over. I think it’s a great idea to bring it with when traveling as well.

  • I love to travel and I think this one will be on my bucket list! I badly need this airbed!!

  • We have a twin version of this airbed and use it a lot when the grandkids come over for a visit. Its great to have that extra bed in the home.

  • I am always having extra family stay at my house, and this would be perfect. We never seem to have enough beds for everyone, and we get our cheap camping air mattresses. This looks much nicer!

  • I’d honestly use this most for camping and traveling. We go camping once a year, and I’m not a ground sleeper. Lol.

  • I snore sometimes, so when I do I end up on the living room floor, I am not much of a couch sleeper. This mattress would be much more comfortable. If we someday get overnight guests in our one bedroom apartment, they will have a good place to sleep.

  • sleep is essential and so is the choice of the mattresses. so, i think this was a different article and had explained so much in few words.

  • We have one and it’s perfect for when guests come over. I think my 2nd oldest is buying one for his place too.

  • We travel a lot as well, and I would love to use an extra mattress at home for guests or unexpected bit family visits! Would love to win this!

  • My family and I have two Intex airbeds at our home!! We use them for when our family come to visit. They really do work very well and are comfortable to sleep on.

  • These are great beds, we have a guest room, but always keep one of these around for overflow guests.

  • This would be great for some trips we have coming up, but we’re also having a little girl stay with us for part of the summer, and it would be especially handy for that.

  • We live in Florida so family and friends are always visiting. We only have a 2 bedroom house. This would be perfect for our guests. This would also be perfect for our staycation camping trips.

  • This would be perfect for the guests to come over. I can also use this on our camping trip next month. Thanks for the chance to win. I’d love to surprise my hubby. Fingers crossed.

  • Hi! You have a beautiful family and are so kind to to share your blogging knowledge with the world. My family could definitely us tha air mattress by Intex. We are purchasing a camper soon and will be spending as much time as possible traveling to new campsites and exploring each one. We plan to include our camping adventures in the blog we are starting. ????

  • This would be a nifty thing to have at home and when traveling. the air mattress looks firm yet comfortable. Your little daughter sure looks like she had hours of sound sleep on it.

  • We would use this on vacation with us to Chicago and Michigan this summer!!! Then when we have sleepovers with friends or my husbands son(my step-son) would come to visit from Northwest Indiana!

  • We have owned an Intex airbed for many years and it has been a lifesaver for us many times! They really are so much more comfortable than a rollaway or pullout bed.

  • We need one of these for our condo up in NH. We have some people coming up to join us in July and we have no place for them to sleep lol.

  • What a great looking air bed, they have come such a long way in a short time, they really can make a good short term subsistute now rather than the old it will be flat by morning ones.

  • We need this for when our nephews.vusit from Carolina. They always want to sleep in the nursery with our son. Good testimony!

  • We could really use this air mattress this summer when we have multiple guests coming in for son’s graduation party and when we travel to visit family in Oregon.

  • I think we have this brand’s airbed. We are in an apartment and when a guest comes over now, we pull out the airbed and inflate it. We use our shopvac to inflate it. My son’s friend stays over often and we can put her into my daughter’s room to sleep.

  • Now this makes traveling convenient especially for large families! I think it’s awesome that you got this, perfect timing too! I’m sure you won’t have to worry about not having enough space in the hotel rooms!

  • This airbed definitely makes a difference! It’s convenient to have with you during family vacations or whenever there’s a guest coming over. I would love to have this, the family and I love going on trips and sleepovers!

  • That sounds nice! Love the idea! I have to add this on my list on my next time travel!

  • We use this brand often for many things – their air mattresses are easy to use!

  • This looks like such a great mattress! We travel a lot to visit family and friends, and this would really come in handy. Sleeping on couches or crappy air mattresses can really make a person miserable. We definitely need to get one of these.

  • I could use this in the back of my Acadia. It looks so comfy and there have been times when I was traveling somewhere and just needed to pull off and get a little sleep before continuing on. This would be perfect for that.

  • We so need one of these this summer for all of our travel! I’ve have to check this brand out!

  • I think it’s a terrific idea for folks who travel a lot and need to know they have a familiar bed and place/space to rest. I love the idea.

  • We have an Intex kids blow up bed and my sons love it! Makes traveling so much easier.

  • I am picking up a few of these for this summer. When we move we are buying all new beds this summer so I want to have them on hand to use while we wait for them to be made and delivered!

  • This airbed looks absolutely perfect! I could totally use one of these for when we travel.

  • What a great tips and perfect for our family travel and I love to travel more with the kids,

  • I can see this being so helpful when you possibly move. I bet it would make these few unpacked days so much easier.

  • We definitely need one. There are 6 of us in our family and I hate that we have to get TWO hotel rooms. So costly. This bed would save us $$

  • This is a great idea for our travels! We have 3 kids. Traveling as a family of 5 can get complicated when you want to only pay for 1 hotel room.

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