How To Find The Perfect Family Tea In London

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Emmy loved getting to sign the guestbook and noted we were all the way from San Diego.

Just yesterday I started to feel a little bit of a cool breeze in the air.

Since we don’t get much changing of the leaves in San Diego, we hold on to these signs that fall and winter are coming.

When we were in London before our transatlantic cruise, I started to feel the same slight coolness in the air. I heard shortly after we left fall officially hit there too. Looking back on these pictures, I can see how we had already moved past summer when we were there, although it still was the perfect slightly warm weather for our visit. Septemeber is for sure one of our favorite months to visit Europe for that reason. August being our second favorite time to go.

We are already planning our next trip back next year. We have France, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands in our sights for 2019. Also, Hong Kong, which I know is the total opposite. Ha!

Back to London.

One thing that I knew we had to do while we were there was to have a proper English tea. 

Or at least one that felt proper. The only thing is that it also had to have a full vegan menu. Thankfully there were more choices than we thought there would be. We decided on a super quaint little hotel that serves a full English tea in their parlor by the fireplace.  Bonus points in that they had both traditional and vegan service!

Emmy brought her journal and kept a record of the afternoon.

Maddie picked our tea for the day.

We had a loose leaf tea with notes of vanilla and chocolate. It was so good and I am so bummed I didn’t buy any to take home with us.

Pete even came along for his first real tea.

I’m not sure he would want to do this regularly, but he said it was good food and that the people were very friendly and welcoming. 

This was also our first multi-generational vacation as my parents met us in England and cruised back home with us. 

I am such a huge proponent of vacationing with extended family that this just made sense. I’ll be sharing more about this and you will be seeing a bunch of the grandparents in our stories!

There was so much food!

When it came time to book our tea we did some research before choosing.

I’m totally happy that we went to The Egerton House Hotel. There is the perfect tea for everyone in London. 

Here is how to find the perfect tea for your family in London:

  1. Decide if you want a boutique feel or a big hotel experience, or both! 
  2. Narrow down your choices by researching any dietary restriction options.
  3. Check the location and travel time. We lined up a driver ahead of time but could have used our hotel concierge to arrange our transportation.
  4. Don’t forget the kiddos! Not only did we find an option that covered vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free, but they also had a teddy bear tea option that Emmy loved!
  5. Don’t stop at just one. I really wish we had booked a second tea too. The first was amazing and we would have loved to have experienced it again!
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