Vegetable Tray Salad With Ranch Dip Dressing

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veggie salad with lowfat ranch dressing

I love summer time! 

It is all about family fun and spending time with friends. When we get together during the summer my go-to entertaining food is a big BBQ and a vegetable tray to snack on while we wait for everything to cook. I also always buy way too much food… I have a huge (irrational) fear of not having enough food. It's never actually happened, or even come close to happening, but I still worry about it! 

The one thing that I always end up having way too much of is veggies from the vegetable tray. That abundance of food inspired me to created this salad. My vegetable tray salad with Greek yogurt ranch dip.

To make this super easy salad I take the vegetable tray leftovers and I chop up all the veggies and add the dip as a dressing. It's so easy and delish… plus it makes a great side dish! 

hidden valley greek yogurt dips

Of course you can also make this salad just because… no party necessary!

I did just that yesterday. I headed to Walmart and bought Hidden Valley Greek Yogurt Dip Mix, some of our favorite vegetables and greek yogurt. I found the Greek dip mix with the regular one in the powdered mix area.

Hidden Valley Greek Yogurt Dip Mixes are new formulas specifically optimized to deliver the same great Hidden Valley Ranch taste and flavor when mixed with Greek Yogurt! Hidden Valley Greek Yogurt Dip Mixes are both available at Walmart and the new formula provides the same great Ranch flavor with less fat, more protein and lower calories. 

lower fat ranch dip

Then I headed home and started chopping!

Quick tip… toss the salad very well and then refrigerate it. The dip spreads well on the veggies when it's not right out of the refrigerator… but once it's spread on the veggies put it right back in the refrigerator until it is ready to eat.

easy vegetable salad recipe

leftover vegetable tray salad

fresh veggie salad

lowfat ranch dressing salad

Everytime I make this I'm always asked for the recipe and I just smile because I know how much they are going to love how great it tastes and how easy it is to make!

Learn more about Hidden Valley Greek Yogurt Dip Mix products at Walmart and download a special Hidden Valley coupon today!

What is your favorite way to enjoy ranch dip?


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  1. That sounds like a great way to serve a salad, Now I am craving salad.

  2. What a cleaver way to display a veggie tray then to make it into a salad and I love how it looks in the clear bowl. love this idea!

  3. You make your salads, like I do. No, not in such a fancy dish. I’m talking about how chunky the veggies are. That’s how I like mine.

  4. I love ranch dip on salads, as a dip for pizza and veggies as well as chips. I also make my own veggie dip which tastes similar to Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing. So good!

  5. I eat a ton of salad so changing up the dressings to keep things exciting are an absolute must. Since ranch is my all time favorite, discovering a way to lighten things up a bit is great!

  6. Ok you are good at making salads look GOOD! Mine look more like they have run through the mill all day and just fell down where ever they land! LOL Delicious

  7. I am lucky that my kids are not too picky with their veggies, that is of course as long as there is ranch dip! 😉 I love hearing my six year old say he loves broccoli.

  8. I love to use ranch dressing for dipping my chicken in. It is great with cucumber and feta cheese as a side dish.

  9. My fahter makes a layered salad very similar to this every Thanksgiving and it is always such a hit. Personally, I think Hidden Valley Ranch makes anything amazing!

  10. Finding the veggie tray at a party helps keep me from eating too much junk. If there’s not going to be one available, I like to bring one. Can’t wait to bring it in salad form.

  11. This is just so beautiful and makes a salad look yummy – thanks for the ideas and the coupon for the Hidden Valley Greek Yogurt Dip Mix – I’m already liking the flavor!

  12. This is such a great idea for backyard barbecues and get togethers. Saves space and time while still giving guests all the options of a veggie tray without them missing anything. Love this!

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