Blanket Fort Essentials

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We are sharing all about how to build an awesome Blanket Fort with Goldfish Puffs as part of a sponsored post. 

Blanket Fort Essentials

I’m not sure how many blanket forts we have built since having kids.

Pete and I joke that we are blanket fort pros at this point… and I think we kind of like that title! We can throw up an awesome fort in less time than it takes to decide what to eat for dinner (which by the way takes way longer than it should.)

how to build a tent fort

What we have learned is that these are the essentials you need to have on hand to have an awesome blanket fort:

  1. Blankets. Not too heavy and as big as you can find them. We ended up using about 3 of them.
  2. Pajamas for everyone. You can’t hang out in a fort without putting pajamas on!
  3. Kids snacks. Snacking in a fort doesn’t get any more fun! We have been enjoying Goldfish® Puffs in our forts. And by we, I mean all of us. From the 5 year old to the 12 year old and me too (I’m not adding my age!). They are really tasty and fun to eat! They are puffed up, extra crunchy and packed with big, bold flavor. The Snack that Smiles Back®
  4. Activities. Books, games and coloring pages galore! When we build forts at night we also bring more blankets and pillows for cuddling!

goldfish puffs mega cheese

Goldfish Puffs are a great snack that kids love to eat and play with.

We make it easy for them to move the Goldfish Puffs around the fort by putting a serving size in a container for easy snacking! I was surprised to learn that Goldfish Puffs are gluten free too.

blanket fort fun

Once we get our forts built we always start with coloring.  

We get those big sheets of drawings and they tear off a couple of them each time we make a fort. It also helps that we keep a little bag with some basic crayon colors nearby. This helps with cleanup too!

what you need to build a fort tent

And then we do some snacking… 

reading in a fort tent

Followed up with some reading… and the goldfish listened too, or so they told me…

fort blanket games

After that the girls played a good game of cards.

Don’t let the little one fool you. She looks sweet and innocent, but she plays cards like an expert! She’s got mad natural skills! Each time one of the girls won or scored a point they got to eat one Goldfish Puff. I love how they came up with that idea themselves! It’s amazing what kids can create and do if given the right tools and time to just be kids and play!

How often do you build blanket forts?

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