Sea Salt & Caramel Stuffed Chocolate Cookies

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I know that caramel and sea salt is all the rage right now… but I’ve loved it for a long time, with one twist. I need chocolate too! These cookies are another one that made it through the cut and will grace our Christmas Eve table.


I didn’t go all crazy making up my own recipe for the cookie with these like I normally do, because I found that using the traditional chocolate chip cookie recipe with double the chocolate (slightly melted and mixed in) was just perfect!


Before I baked the cookies I put a soft caramel in the center and made sure that it was completely covered in cookie dough.


After they cooled I melted some caramels with a tablespoon of milk and then drizzled it over the cookies and then sprinkled a bit of sea salt on top! That’s it! They look like they took hours to make but they totally didn’t and the taste is out of this world good!



Heather Reese
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