Our Foodie Adventures

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our foodie adventures

This past week Pete and I went on a couple foodie adventures!

We took the kids with us one night and the other night was date night <— which is a rate treat these day! We love trying new foods. Thai food, Italian, Chinese, Mongolian BBQ… we love it all. We consider ourselves big foodies and on our travel adventures food always plays a huge part in our fun!


Since we took June off from traveling as the girls finish up the school year, we were excited to explore some of our local restaurants. 

20150619_180741 20150619_181008   

We started our foodie adventure at one of our favorite national restaurants. 

We have never had a meal that is less than perfect there and they have so many different options. You could eat there every day for a year and never have a repeat meal. This might we enjoyed a few meals. There were three things that sounded really good so we ordered three separate meals and shared them. We had enough leftovers for lunch and dinner the next day!


We started with a veggie burger with Swiss cheese and sauteed mushrooms.

Then came the eggplant Parmesan which is one of my favorite meals ever. The pesto pasta on the side was the perfect pairing with the eggplant. Lastly was the pasta scampi. This is normally served with chicken but we opted to leave that off and the creamy scampi sauce was delicious! 


The only thing that can hold back out foodie adventures is heart burn. I don’t get it all the time and when I do it seems to be caused by either really spicy foods or dishes with a lot of cheese. Because I don’t want to miss out on some of my favorite foods I’ve been carrying PEPCID COMPLETE™ in case the heart burn starts again.

It’s been so nice being able to eat anything I want without worry!


Later in the week the girls came with us and we headed to another local restaurant! 

This one is on the pier in Oceanside and it’s more of an experience than just a restaurant. They specialize in sea food… but we always get the veggie burgers and french fries. I always used to shy away from BBQ sauce because of it possibly triggering heart burn I wasn’t having it as often as I like. Not anymore! So happy that  PEPCID® lets me eat what I want to. And I love being able to take this one with me to her favorite restaurants not having to worry if there is something there that I can eat.

20150607_183832 20150607_183837 

I’ve learned that heartburn doesn’t just affect you when you are chowing down on a plate of wings or cheese fries; it can strike anywhere, even while dining at a five-star restaurant. That’s why the PEPCID® Brand is building on last year’s Tastemakers program with the inaugural PEPCID® Tastemakers Restaurant Week. This year the PEPCID® brand will tap into every foodie’s craving to explore local hotspots, aiding them in their celebration of bold flavors, without the pain of heartburn.  

This year PEPCID® brand has teamed up for a second year with Tastemaker at large Ted Allen – a heartburn sufferer, food enthusiast and host of Chopped and new show All Star Academy – to curate a list of top restaurants and dishes in cities across the country. Ted, like the PEPCID® brand, believes that heartburn shouldn’t keep anyone from enjoying bold flavors and he is sharing his tips on how to find great meals anywhere.

What us your favorite restaurant?

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  • Why It sounds like you guys have been eating well lately! I love trying New foods and restaurants.

  • I enjoyed seeing all of the different foods you ate. It all looked so good! I also love that you went on a foodie adventure I love taking trips and experiencing all of the good food. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  • Oh man, look at all that food! I would for sure need Pepcid AC after all of that, but it all looks so amazing. I don’t get heartburn as often as my hubby, but when he does its awful. He takes pepcid!

  • All the food looks great. I sure could have used Pepcid after dinner last night. We had buffalo wings and I suffered all night.

  • I hope the restaurant did not see the Pepcid! We carry that with us all the time. And your pictures have now made me very hungry, they are styled deliciously!

  • It all looks good to me. I honestly don’t know which one I like the best! I do love some good local foods. We have a couple of them in our home town that I just love to eat at.

  • We are definitely a family of foodies and enjoy exploring new restaurants just as much as old favorites. My husband suffers from heartburn and acid reflux on occasion, so having something on hand that offers relief is a good idea.

  • Wow that eggplant parmesan looks so delicious. My favorite local restaurant is called Jim’s Pizza. They serve a lot more than pizza there. The Chicken Tortellini is amazing.

  • We love Pepcid. It works so well when we have problems with our favorite food. All that food looks delicious.

  • All that food looks delish! I am glad that I don’t have to worry about heartburn. I had it when I was pregnant and it was very annoying.

  • I love the show Chopped. Pepcid is our choice too for heart burn. I hate aging things that never bothered me before do now and I am italian. To be able to eat what I want too again is a blessing. Your site always makes me hungry lol 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Um, I need to hang out with you, because that is some scrumptious food. And, I can totally see why you would have some Pepcid on hand… LOL

  • I will have to see if it will work in a pinch for my acid reflex when I am out and about. I usually use tums which works like a champ.

  • Looks like a lot of great food has been eaten on your adventures. I see you brought along something that is sure to keep you comfortable too. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us.

  • Wow… that food looks amazing but agree some of that would require me to use PEPCID® also. I can only take so much spice… love it but my stomach doesn’t.

  • All that food looks delicious and makes me hungry!! Sounds like you had a great time and great food on your adventure.

  • Dealing with celiac disease means we eat lots of mexican and acid reducer for mommy 🙂 Not sure I have a favorite restaurant. We love to try new places often!

  • Your pictures look great and so does all of the food. I think I would also need some Pepcid also after some of those dishes as well. LOL.

  • I had to buy some acid reducer last week because I had horrible heartburn. You are right about it striking anywhere. It usually hit me between meals. The burn is horrible too.

  • It looks like you had so much fun! I’m glad to hear you weren’t held back and were able to dive into all of that yummy food!

  • Omg can I please be the winner of this?!?! Lol being a total foodie myself I would love a foodie adventure

  • I have terrible acid reflux. I know it’s the food I eat. I have to have something like this on a regular basis to combat the problem.

  • One of my favorite things about traveling is trying out different kinds of foods and restaurants. My favorite restaurant is a vegan restaurant in Bloomington, Indiana called The Owlery.

  • I hear you with that Pepcid. I am a Zantac girl, but Pepcid is a good deal. I have to take Zantac for my GERD daily, but I can eat most of the foods at least! Kind of!

  • Heartburn really can strike anywhere, any time. I’m glad to hear the Pepcid works.

  • We are looking to expand our restaurant options. My husband’s favorite is Il Fornaio, but we’ve been delving into specialty burger places which are delicious.

  • I honestly have no idea what heartburn feels like, as I’ve never experienced it. I suppose that’s a good thing, right? Lol.

    I’m loving the pasta dishes you’ve been enjoying, yummo!

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