Great Last Minute Father’s Day Gift

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Sunday, June 21st isn’t just Father’s Day… it’s also National Skateboard Day!

Pete has always loved to skateboard and since moving to California (just before we met) he’s also shown an interest for surfing! As soon as I heard about HAMBOARDS I knew he would love one! It’s the best of both worlds! 

HAMBOARDS were created while looking for a way to get the feeling of surfing while on land by Pete Hamborg and his family of surfers.

The Huntington Beach, California based company produces landsurfing, land padding and street SUP (stand-up paddling) equipment, accessories and apparel.

They come in sizes for Dad and the whole family! 

    • HAMBOARDS® CLASSIC™ at 6’6”x15”, the Hamboard classic delivers a longboard feel that no other skateboard accomplishes—providing the full surfing experience in a surprisingly maneuverable retro-style nose rider. Only minimal effort releases the Classic’s natural flowing urge to roll, allowing it to sustain momentum better than any other longboard.
    • The Bamboo Fish™ at 4’5”x17” was inspired by the early 70’s fast and loose Fish surfboard, offering the maximum maneuverability, specialized rail-to-rail driving turns, speed, power, and pumping acceleration for a ride that’s no stranger to the forces and sensations of surfing. A favorite among surfers and those who just like to carve and feel speed, the Fish is the “sports car” of the Hamboards line.
    • The Logger was born out of our desire for a beautifully crafted, old-school Malibu style Log, you’ll notice that the Logger provides a cleaner, more glide-oriented turn than with a typical longboard skateboard. The crux of the Logger is that while having its own unique feel, it captures the essential ‘surf’ elements you find in the longer boards in the Hamboards line up, but in a smaller package.



  • Worlds best long boards
  • 100% Hand made in Huntington Beach, California
  • Limited edition boards (and they sell out quickly)
  • Hand numbered
  • True land-surfing feel
  • Rides unlike any skateboard in the world
  • Surf training aid or simply for those who love to skate
  • Land paddles extend the experience
  • Family owned and operated since 2003
  • As featured on Shark Tank


Be sure to visit the HAMBOARDS website for more information on these awesome boards!

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  • One of my brothers loved to skateboard. This was back in the 70ies. I’m really dating myself here. I don’t think he still does now.

  • Ha! My second oldest has always been a boarder…surf, skate, snow, etc. If he was a dad I’d totally be looking at the hamboards!! Someday. 🙂

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