10 Things You Should Never Say To A Mom Of All Girls

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ten things parents of all girls dont want to hear

Pete and I love being the parents to all girls. We see it as nothing short of amazing to get to be their parents! We often get questions and comments about not having a son. Although we would have been thrilled to have boys or girls, we are very happy to have our girls and we never feel like we are missing out by not having a son too.

Here are 10 things you should never say to a mom (or dad) of all girls.

1. So are you going to keep trying for a boy? Why would we… if we had had a boy we would have been thrilled, just like we were thrilled when each of our daughters was born. In fact when we started the adoption process we were specifically asked if we wanted a boy or girl and we said girl (but we would have been just as happy if “she” had turned out to be a “he”).

2. Your husband must be so upset to not have a boy. What? Really? Nope, not mine! He loves being a dad to girls. Again, he wanted another girl, but would have been ecstatic with a boy too.

3. Does your husband hate being the only boy in the house? Not really, I mean the dog and two of the cats are male too so he’s not really alone… but I know that’s not what you meant. This makes us laugh each time it’s mentioned. The only time my husband is going to be upset is when the girls are all teenagers. That is going to be interesting!

4. Did you try for a boy each time? Say what? You aren’t asking about THAT are you? No, we didn’t try for anything for the kids that came to us that way. Not that it is any of your business if we did.

5. Aren’t you sad that you don’t have a son? No! And we get really upset when asked this in front of our girls. Girls are awesome, boys are awesome and that’s about it. Asking it in front of our daughters makes them feel like they are not as desirable as boys. Please don’t do this.

6. Did you cry when your last turned out to be a girl and not a boy? I did cry… how did you know? It wasn’t because she was a girl though… I cried from joy that she was here, healthy and ours!

7. You know there are things you could have done to ensure you had a boy. So sad, three girls. (normally said with a big sad face). Yes, I’ve heard of these “things” you speak of. We tried for 4 years to have our third child. We endeared many losses and rounds of IVF <— (the things you speak of that can guarantee gender if requested and paid for) we could have done that many times and we didn’t. We would have been thrilled with another girl or a boy, so we thought that was a pointless test and expense for us.

8. You know that you will have to pay for 3 weddings right? Yes. Thanks for the reminder. Maybe we should have thought about that before we had kids and only parented any boys we may have had. I mean what’s the point of having girls if you have to pay for their weddings too? I feel so silly for wanting and enjoying my daughters now. (said no “me” ever)

9. You know that girls leave their moms, boys don’t. Nope, haven’t heard this to be true. I have a mom and I haven’t left her yet, so…

10. Isn’t it sad that your husband won’t get to do “boy” things with a son? This one makes me want to scream. All of my girls have gone through fazes of only wanting to wear dresses or insisting on dressing up as a princess at Disneyland… but they have also all loved to play sports with their dad and that might be considered “boyish”. Our middle daughter is dedicated to Crossfit like her dad. Plus Pete is more than willing to do “girl” things… whatever that means or is. We don’t limit our daughters based on their gender so this has never been an issue. My oldest hasn’t ever missed watching a football game with her dad either. So no my husband isn’t missing out.

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Have you ever had a rude comment like these?

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  • Oh my goodness I can’t believe you have been asked all of that. I never would have the nerve to ask a stranger that. People are crazy!!!

  • Some people really have no tact and it never ceases to amaze me. We had a son after two daughters and always get the “Oh, you stopped after a boy then?” to which I reply “No, we wanted three children and would have been just as happy with another daughter as we were with our son.” *insert eye roll here*

  • I have to ask , “Are people really that stupid? Or are they really that rude?” And sadly, the answer is yes. I presume that most of them have children. Are they saying they a a child or two that they prefer to give back for a different one? Wow.

  • I cant believe some of the things people say. I would be thrilled to have three happy and healthy kids. Regardless of if they are boys or girls.

  • I am another happy mom of all girls. People have asked me these, too. I’m always thinking “Mind your own #$&% business!”

    • People have too many opinions for both genders… and even projecting what they would want, or think they would want in someone else’s situation. When I was pregnant with my now 6 month old people would ask if I was looking forward to getting “another chance” (my first has a form of dwarfism). I was appalled. I don’t care if my kids are big or little… why should they?!

  • I don’t understand some people! Why would it ever even occur to someone to say these things? I have one son, and recently became a single mom, and people are seriously asking me when I’m going to give him a sibling. I don’t know, find me a new husband and then we can talk?

  • People mean well in general when they say things like this. I don’t get worked up about comments like this from people. I honestly don’t think people are intentionally being rude. It is often awkward to make conversation and fins commonality and people say stuff like this to break the ice I guess.

  • People mean well in general when they say things like this. I don’t get worked up about comments like this from people. I honestly don’t think people are intentionally being rude. It is often awkward to make conversation and find commonality and people say stuff like this to break the ice I guess.

  • I remember getting asked with my third if the baby was planned. He was and it took 18 months to conceive him.

    I still get asked if I plan on anymore. I kinda miss having a newborn or being pregnant even though I endured a ton of pain during my third trimester. I has SPD and didn’t know it. I ended up with a csection and opted to tie my tubed because of my own health.

    I’m blessed with two boys and a girl.

  • I am one of 3 sisters & we were happy just the way we were. My parents had no complaints either. They were just happy that we’re all healthy!

  • Ugh, some people can be rude. Though some people may not really think anything of the things they ask. They might just be curious.

  • I couldn’t imagine myself saying any of these to anyone, but then again, it truly takes all kinds to make up this world! Sometimes you have to ignore people, despite their lack of tact or sheer ignorance. 🙂

  • I’m so glad I’m actually sensitive when it comes to this. I can’t imagine being at the receiving end of these statements…

  • I can’t believe people have said this stuff to you – but on the other hand I can. I have a son, and am going to be having a daughter in May and people keep saying things like “well, now you have one of both – so you’re done right?”


  • One of my friends has all girls and I would never say those things. I am going to forward him this blog! Some people mentality are warped.

  • As a Mom of all boys (three of them) I get the same things from the other side! And I love #10, about not limiting them based on gender. My oldest two sons have absolutely no interest in sports (we ad them play a few when they were younger). No matter if you have boys or girls they each have their own interests and personalities.

  • People are so unthoughtful. Rude! I have 3 boys and one girl. Til this day, I get wow you finally got your girl comment. Drives me nuts!

  • I do a greed with you.I always hear with my friends why I don’t have another child or have a boy.-sometimes it’s irritating.My husband doesn’t mind to have an only girl/child and he does so many activities with my daughter.

  • I’m a mom of 2 girls and I can no longer have any babies due to health reasons. I get asked this all the time and it’s extra painful because I wish I could have one more baby, not a boy, not a girl but whatever I am blessed with. Having two girls is our life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Oh my. I have all boys and I get these questions all the time, only about daughters. LOL. People aren’t always the most polite, are they?

  • I have a girl and a boy, my s/o has two boys, and together we have a girl. So we have a lovely mixture but regardless of what gender they are- they’re all loved. And ultimately that’s what matters.

  • I have 3 girls and I’m pretty sure I have heard all of these. My husband loves his girls. And they do all the cool things boys do-camping, sports, building stuff….my littlest one is the fearless sidekick to my husband and I don’t think he would have it any other way!!

  • So many of these made me cringe, I can’t imagine how you must feel each time you get these kind of comments. I wouldn’t be able to hold my composure in most causes.

  • Gotta love judgey people eh? I have 1 child (and don’t plan to have anymore) and I get that I’m being “selfish” for not giving my child a sibling. Drives me nuts.

  • I never understood why anyone has to say anything to a parent (or non) about the children. When you have all boys, people ask why you dont have a girl or if you are going to try for one. When you have all girls, its like your story. Wen you are my age, almost 40, and dont have children of your own people bug about that.

  • So true on most of them. I have two girls and yes people ask me if I wanted a boy or if I am going to try for a boy. Truth is yes I did want a boy too but I am more than thankful and blessed to have the little girls I have. My husband actually wanted girls and didn’t want a boy so it worked out perfectly for us. I am glad you just tell them like it is. 🙂

  • I’m a mother of two girls & I’ve been asked some of these questions. I normally just laugh it off & chalk it up to ignorance. ( I mean really, this is 2015 and some people still think this way??!!) My husband though is much more offended by these questions than me.

  • Uuugh! Brings me back those times when I was annoyed with peeps asking the same thing! We have one kid – a beautiful daughter. But everyone keeps asking if we’ll try to have a boy. Today I say that we do have a boy…Cleo our youngest…cat that is! LOL! 🙂

  • I have just one child and people ask me all the time ‘Don’t you think that he should have a friend? When are you going to have another one?’ I think our families whether small or all girl are perfect. 🙂

  • My SIL has 3 boys. When she was pregnant with her last, my hubs mentioned to his mom that he knew the sex & she had the nerve to ask if it was good news or bad news!

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