Sweet And Savory On-The-Go Snack Mixes For Parents and Kids

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The next few months kick off travel season for us again. When I think of travel I instantly think of food… yes, I love food and so I am thrilled to be able to talk about food via this sponsored post! Today I’m over on the Van’s blog sharing a recipe for a sweet and savory snack mix for both kids and adults!

adult snack mix recipe

This is the adult mix and it took me minutes to put together! 

It’s mine and Pete’s favorite and I always make a big batch before we head off on an adventure and snack on it while we are gone. The kids also love it too… but I also have a fun one for them! 

The main ingredient is Van’s Cranberry Almond Granola along with the rest of the ingredients below. You can find the complete recipe on the Van’s blog.

adult snack mix ingredients  

Here is the kids mix.

I originally made this for my middle daughter just by using all of her favorite snack foods. It turned out so well that lately my youngest is the one eating it all before her sister even gets a chance to have some!

The main ingredient for this one is Van’s Blueberry Walnut Granola Mix, plus everything else below. I love the blueberries in this one too… (don’t tell the kids but I eat a bunch of their mix too)! You can see the complete recipe on the Van’s blog.

kids snack mixkids snack mix ingredients 

What’s your favorite thing to include in snack mixs?

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