10 Things You Should Never Say To A Mom Of All Girls

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ten things parents of all girls dont want to hear

Pete and I love being the parents to all girls. We see it as nothing short of amazing to get to be their parents! We often get questions and comments about not having a son. Although we would have been thrilled to have boys or girls, we are very happy to have our girls and we never feel like we are missing out by not having a son too.

Here are 10 things you should never say to a mom (or dad) of all girls.

1. So are you going to keep trying for a boy? Why would we… if we had had a boy we would have been thrilled, just like we were thrilled when each of our daughters was born. In fact when we started the adoption process we were specifically asked if we wanted a boy or girl and we said girl (but we would have been just as happy if “she” had turned out to be a “he”).

2. Your husband must be so upset to not have a boy. What? Really? Nope, not mine! He loves being a dad to girls. Again, he wanted another girl, but would have been ecstatic with a boy too.

3. Does your husband hate being the only boy in the house? Not really, I mean the dog and two of the cats are male too so he’s not really alone… but I know that’s not what you meant. This makes us laugh each time it’s mentioned. The only time my husband is going to be upset is when the girls are all teenagers. That is going to be interesting!

4. Did you try for a boy each time? Say what? You aren’t asking about THAT are you? No, we didn’t try for anything for the kids that came to us that way. Not that it is any of your business if we did.

5. Aren’t you sad that you don’t have a son? No! And we get really upset when asked this in front of our girls. Girls are awesome, boys are awesome and that’s about it. Asking it in front of our daughters makes them feel like they are not as desirable as boys. Please don’t do this.

6. Did you cry when your last turned out to be a girl and not a boy? I did cry… how did you know? It wasn’t because she was a girl though… I cried from joy that she was here, healthy and ours!

7. You know there are things you could have done to ensure you had a boy. So sad, three girls. (normally said with a big sad face). Yes, I’ve heard of these “things” you speak of. We tried for 4 years to have our third child. We endeared many losses and rounds of IVF <— (the things you speak of that can guarantee gender if requested and paid for) we could have done that many times and we didn’t. We would have been thrilled with another girl or a boy, so we thought that was a pointless test and expense for us.

8. You know that you will have to pay for 3 weddings right? Yes. Thanks for the reminder. Maybe we should have thought about that before we had kids and only parented any boys we may have had. I mean what’s the point of having girls if you have to pay for their weddings too? I feel so silly for wanting and enjoying my daughters now. (said no “me” ever)

9. You know that girls leave their moms, boys don’t. Nope, haven’t heard this to be true. I have a mom and I haven’t left her yet, so…

10. Isn’t it sad that your husband won’t get to do “boy” things with a son? This one makes me want to scream. All of my girls have gone through fazes of only wanting to wear dresses or insisting on dressing up as a princess at Disneyland… but they have also all loved to play sports with their dad and that might be considered “boyish”. Our middle daughter is dedicated to Crossfit like her dad. Plus Pete is more than willing to do “girl” things… whatever that means or is. We don’t limit our daughters based on their gender so this has never been an issue. My oldest hasn’t ever missed watching a football game with her dad either. So no my husband isn’t missing out.

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Have you ever had a rude comment like these?

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  • Same goes for a mom of all boys, which I am. I am perfectly content with my all boy household 🙂

  • When we just had our three boys people would stop and ask us if we were going to try for a girl. um…. Nope. We tried three times for a baby! And look how awesome these boys are!
    Seriously, strange and rude comments from strangers and even family….

  • Mine were similar, but I had a son, then my second son was born, but passed, then the last two are girls. After having my first girl, I got a lot of “Aren’t you glad you had a pair?” A pair of what? Shoes, yes, I always make sure I get my shoes in pairs, but no, my children are children and I happen to have two children who are opposing genders. I also got… “man, you really waited a long time to have that second one.” Yes, there’s a seven year spread, but does it make them feel better when I tell them that we had one “in between” but he died and I was too depressed to get pregnant sooner? People!

  • I have a boy and girl, but one of my best friends has only girls. Even their pets are girls. Her husband loves it! I say revel in it! Everyone else can keep their opinions to themselves.

  • Wow! People really seem baffled by your all-girl household. #8 is so funny! I’m hoping people are just joking when they say these things!

  • #8 literally made me LOL! Isn’t it incredible to sit there and think about all the thoughtless things that come out of people’s mouths? What’s even crazier to me is that I know there’s some list out there about “crazy things people said to me” that I’m sure I’ve been guilty of at one time or another. I always get this strange joy when reading posts like this and can say, “Yes! I didn’t say ANY of these to anyone!” 😉

  • Oh bless you. I had a mixed liter myself, lol, so I didn’t get these questions. I can’t believe how bold people are in assuming that parents with all girls or even all boys would prefer a different gender. I was always happy with what the good Lord gave me and that they were healthy.

  • Our family had 3 girls for 5 years before twin boys came along, and we got a few of these questions. I love your answers! All children are precious- whether they are boys or girls!

  • I heard a few of these when we had our oldest. She was a girl, and I got all the comments asking if my husband was disappointed. It didn’t really bother me, though. I knew they didn’t mean anything by it.

  • I have 3 little girls also and I actually giggle when people come up to me and start conversational starters. They don’t intend to be mean or rude at all. They are people just being people. I always say fun things back to them.. It is all in good fun and yes.. I am hoping some of my girls elope.

  • My daughter is the mom to 4 boys. She gets the same thing . . . in reverse. I don’t know if people don’t think before they speak or if they are just that insensitive. The real kicker: Two of her boys are redheads and strangers will walk up to them and go on and on about how cute they are and not say a word to the 2 blondes that are just as cute. I’m just shaking my head on this one.

  • So funny and true! My parents got all of these… we are 3 girls. My dad did always want a son though but I’m sure they are content with their lot in life. 😀

  • Wow I can’t believe people have said that to you! I would NEVER say that to someone. People should just be happy for others and should think before they say things.

  • The same can be said for all boys. I have all boys and I might have thought about what it would be like to have a girl in the house, but how can any parent be disappointed with the gender of their kids. It’s just what is meant to be I figure. I love my boys, and it means I’m the princess of the house! 🙂

  • i can’t believe some of the things that people ask. Assuming can get people into so much trouble. No one should just assume you wanted a boy. You’re right, some of those questions are really rude. People should think before they speak.

  • LOL…I can completely relate to this! With 3 fabulous daughters at home, people have expresesed much sympathy to me. I’m not sure exactly why? LOL…My husband and I love them to the moon and back. I’ve got a Diva, a Tomboy, and the youngest is something in between. 🙂

  • As soon as I saw your headline – I knew I could relate. I’ve 3 boys and get the same gender biased feedback. I’m blessed to have my 3 boys and I will welcome having daughter-in-laws in the future with wide open arms. 😀

  • I have one son, but I can relate to this completely. I had so many people ask if we were going to try for a daughter. It just never worked out. It can be frustrating, but I always had to remind myself that they really didn’t mean anything by it.

    • I bet people always asked you if you wanted more! I think it is a can be very annoying I am sure!

  • People never cease to amaze me. As the mom of one son, I have had some interesting comments. People can be so nosy.

  • I have two girls and a boy but before my son, people asked me these same questions. I had such a complex that I tried for a son.

  • It’s crazy the things some people say. I would have probably responded pretty rudely to some of these questions, to be honest, haha. There’s nothing wrong with a family full of girls, or vice versa. You still love every child just as much.

  • I can’t believe people have said stuff like this to you. I’m not sure if I’d be able to control my non-existant temper! LOL

  • My family loves girls and my dad wanted daughters instead of sons. In fact I was the only one who gave him a grand daughter and she was always his ‘Peach’ and held a special place in his heart. It is funny how people think life is not complete without a boy in the family and they say the strangest things.

  • I can’t imagines saying any of these to anyone. I know that I always got irritated with people asking me if mine were unplanned because they are so close in age. People just don’t think 🙂

  • We have an only child by choice (who happens to be a girl 🙂 ). Trust me just as many dumb things get said or asked because we chose to have one and done.

  • I have boys and girls but have heard questions like this asked before to others. Great list of what not to say. =)

  • I’m totally laughing and crying. One: I was in a production called Listen to Your Mother last year (producing this year) and I remember one of our readers spoke to this (she has 4 girls). Two: I have 2 girls. Three: people ask me ALL THE TIME if we are going for #3 because we want a boy. I always diffuse these conversations with: NOPE! We’re going for #3 for all the practice it takes to get there! 🙂 Girls are amazing. Boys are amazing. What’s even better than amazing? Having these beings that you’ve created out of love and a hell of a lot of practice!

  • As a father of two daughters (only), I guess I am fortunate to not have any of that said to me. Of course, people know not to mess with dads of daughters…

  • Yup!!! All of this!!! I have two girls ages 5 and 7 and complete strangers ask if we are going to try for that boy. This makes me assume that because I don’t have one of each that this complete stranger thinks our lives and family are not complete.

  • Those kind of comments are ridiculous. You know, my husband said one of the best days of his life was getting to watch his girls at Disney World. I think he would take those moments over “boy” things any day of the week!

  • I get some doozies because my son is so much younger than his older three siblings. We did it on purpose, choosing to have one more child instead of retiring. He’s 7, his siblings are 16, 21 and 27. You can just imagine some of the questions we field. The rudest I think was, ‘Don’t you think it was rude to have a child so late in life. What if you both died, who would take care of him?” MYOB people…that’s all I’m saying. 😉

  • I have all boys but I tried for a girl until the day that we finally gave up & quit trying! It was difficult at times being the only girl in the house but I survived!

    My brother has all girls & he’s still trying for that son. I’m not sure how many more kids his wife is willing to have before she gets her tubes tied!

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