Sour Lemon Shaved Ice PLUS 5 Fun Tips For Staying Hydrated

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I’m already thinking about summer! It’s so close I can almost taste it… well I can definitely taste it when I’m enjoying this sour lemon shaved iced! Thank you to True Citrus for sponsoring this discussion on staying hydrated.

sour lemon shared ice

Spring in Southern California is feeling more like summer already, and I’m not complaining one bit!

The weather has been warm and the skies bright! We’ve been spending time enjoying the fresh air outside but that also means we’ve started thinking more about staying hydrated too!

A couple months ago we were invited over to our friend Amy’s (from The Best Of Life Magazine) house for dinner. Pete and I aren’t big drinkers so we were happy with ice water with our dinner. Amy and I were talking about how much I love having lemon in my water when she introduced me to True Lemon and even sent me home with some packs of it.

It quickly became my beverage of choice.

I had cold water with two packs of true lemon with me at all times. I’ve never been this good about drinking enough water each day as I was after this. I went through the packs Amy sent me home with quickly, and I ordered another 500 packs!

A few weeks later True Citrus reached out and asked if I’d like to work with them to share how awesome their products are… it was as if they read my mind! I jumped at the opportunity because it’s a product I love and use all the time! I was excited to show how much of a difference it’s made in my life… 

Then I started thinking of all the ways I use it. They have a large selection of products that really make life easier and more flavorful.

Let’s start with the kids favorite way to use True Citrus… our Sour Lemon Shaved Ice!

true citrus recipes

This isn’t your typical shaved ice. This one is magical!

The reason this works so wonderfully is that it uses TRUE lemon and since it’s a powder it doesn’t melt the ice as quickly! You can also add other flavors to it in layers and it doesn’t saturate the other flavors!

staying hydrated 

This shaved ice is SO easy to make! 

We have a little machine that we bought years ago that you add ice to and it grinds it up. You should get one! If not you can use a blender or whatever you have to make the ice into smaller pieces. The size and texture of the ice isn’t that important since it won’t be holding any liquid.

For the little one’s shaved ice, I always add TRUE lemon. She’s a purist and eats it with just one flavor. My older daughters like it layered. So for them I add a scoop of ice at a time to a plastic cup and sprinkle a packet on top of each scoop. The latest one I made them was a citrus trio with Lemon, orange and lime! It was pretty much the most perfect warm weather treat of all time! Although I shouldn’t call it a treat at all. It has no calories, includes only natural flavors and keeps them hydrated in a fun way!

zero calorie shaved ice

True Citrus makes some other great products that help keep you hydrated!

And by keep you hydrated I mean that they make drinking liquids enjoyable! They all have 100% natural ingredients and are low in calories. The “ades” were new to me. Limeade, lemonade, black cherry lemonade, raspberry lemonade and even a peach lemonade are all available! Pete has always liked peach tea and lemonades and he said this was one of his favorites. Plus they are sweetened with Stevia so there are only 10 calories per serving!

true citrus limeade

The little one is in love with the orchard drink mixes!

She calls them punch… and I don’t correct her. It does taste like punch. Like a fresh fruit drink! I made the crisp apple medley and I heated it up last week because we had a cooler night. It was like having hot apple cider with a splash of lemon!

berry drinks

I was really excited to see these available now too! Salt-free citrus seasonings.

We used the lemon pepper one to make tofu steaks and it’s our new go-to spice. I even sprinkled TRUE Lemon on my avocado taco and I’ll never eat it without it again (if I can help it). I’m eager to try out the rest with other recipes soon. 

true citrus salt free seasonings

True Citrus products provide a new and delicious way to enjoy fresh-squeezed citrus taste anywhere, anytime.

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  • Love this stuff. When I order iced tea with extra lemon, it’s never enough. Two packets of True Lemon is perfect

  • Grapefruit… And that like cilantro will be coming to my house as soon as I find it!!!

  • I’ve never tried any of these True products. I’d be interested to have them on my shaved ice, though! Did you have a shaved ice maker already that you used for the actual ice?

  • True grapefruit! I love true lemon and true lime already. My son would love the apple fruit orchard and my husband would love the lemon pepper and other seasonings! Awesome prize pack!

  • I always have lemon packets with me so I can add it to my drinks. Would love to try the grapefruit since I am unable to eat grapefruit due to medicine interaction.

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