Orange Scream Pumpkin Milkshake with TruMoo

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orange cream milkshake

Halloween time! My favorite time of year!

I seriously go all out! There are pumpkins everywhere in my house and I’m always looking for ways to make Halloween more fun for my girls too. That’s where I came up with the inspiration for this recipe using TruMoo. Every glass of TruMoo starts with fresh, pure milk from your trusted dairy, which means that it contains 8 essential nutrients. Each flavored milk is sweetened with just enough sugar and doesn’t contain any high fructose corn syrup or artificial growth hormones.Serving TruMoo makes me feel accomplished because I have successfully negotiated giving my kids something that they need and something that they want. Plus, it’s super yummy and fin to drink!

tru moo orange

This recipe is so easy and the cup makes it even more fun.

It only took me 5 minutes to make and the cup really makes it extra special. Cool cup? Awesome milkshake? This will be on your Halloween list for years to come!

Orange Scream Pumpkin Milkshakes


  • Roundish shape cup
  • Dry erase marker or permanent one if you like
  • TruMoo Orange Scream
  • Your Favorite Sherbert- We used 3 scoops of lemon this time.
  • 1 Ice Cube
  • Your favorite “straw-like” cookie 

quick Halloween dessert


1. Decorate your cup. I make it super silly for my little one and a bit more frightening for my older two!

2. In your personal blender add 1 ice cube, 3 scoops of sorbet and TruMoo. (I add just enough TruMoo to cover the sorbet)

3. Blend

4. Pour your milkshake into your pumpkin cup.

5. Add your straw cookie to your pumpkin as the stem!

orange milk shake

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What is your favorite Halloween drink?

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