Enjoy Some No Sugar Added Ice Cream For National Diabetes Month

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blue bunny sweet freedom

We are always careful of our sugar intake.

It's not that we need to cut it out completely. it's more about just being aware of it and making better choices. My inlaws don't have that luxury. With blood sugar issues they have to limit sugar, but that doesn't mean they have to eliminate treats from their lives. 

Since November is National Diabetes Month I bought them a special dessert that is not only delicious, but also no sugar added… Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom! There are so many flavors available that I had a hard  time choosing. They all sounded so good, but this time I bought Bunny Tracks! Peanut butter and chocolate, you can't ever go wrong with that!

sweet freedom ice cream flavors 

Blue Bunny® has a full line of no sugar added products in their Sweet Freedom line including Snack Size Cones, Ice Cream Sandwiches and even Butter Pecan Ice Cream, among a buch of other great flavors!

These sugar free ice cream options are perfect for diabetics who need to watch their daily sugar intake. 

blue bunny ice cream no sugar

No sugar added never tasted this sweet and I love that this is available for those who need to watch their sugar inake. As we get into the holiday season I'll be stocking up on Blue Bunny® Sweet Freedom so that all guests at my home will be able to have dessert.

no sugar thanksgiving dessert

Sweet Freedom is the first national brand of packaged ice cream and frozen novelties to offer an extensive array of no sugar added options. Sweet Freedom treats taste indulgent while still meeting key nutritional needs for the sugar conscious consumer.

bunny trail blue bunny sweet freedom

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What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

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  1. wow I so want want this ice cream, for me I never choose what weather to have ice cream whole year round. Though never heard of this brand I hope the UK stocks them because I am in need

  2. I had no idea that sugar-free ice cream would come in such great flavors. My DIL is diabetic and I will make sure I have this on hand the next time she comes to visit. It is so hard for someone like me who is not familiar with diabetes to know what is acceptable to serve a guest with diabetes.

  3. They just started selling this brand where I live and OH EM GEE! It is so yummy! I had it once when I lived in San Antonio for a short period of time. I’m so happy it’s available on the West Coast now!

  4. This Ice Cream looks so delicious. My dad has diabetes i will have to tell him about this product.

  5. This looks amazing! I was just diagnosed with gestational diabetes so have been looking for something delicious to relieve my sweet tooth! Can you share how many carbs are in each serving, and what the serving size is? My nutritionist has me watching carbs, not necessarily “sugar” and told me sometimes things that say no sugar added are still carb loaded….so I’m hoping this isn’t the case with this ice cream…because I’m about to send out the husband on a food craving grocery store run! 😉

  6. It looks really good. I have a question though. Does it have artificial sweetners like Aspartame? Lots of times things that say no sugar added have those in them.

  7. i will have to tell my parents about this! esp my dad.. he loves sweets! they recently had a check up and the doctor told them they need to cut down their sweet intake for risk of diabetes.

  8. I feel like my girls already eat too much sugar and they love ice cream so I would be more than happy to give them this. I love your photo . It looks like she loves it.

  9. My father-in-law has to watch his sugar intake. This is perfect for him, and I bet he’d love it too, ice cream is one of his faves.

  10. Oh yes that looks so delicious ice ceram is the best! I love blue bunny, they are quality and quatity 🙂

  11. My favorite ice cream flavor is Coffee Ice Cream, always has been. It is so smooth and delicious. I do try other kinds, but haven’t tried this one yet. I know my kids would LOVE this flavor!

  12. This ice cream looks so good and I will be get some of this. I so love Blue Bunny ice cream and this is a plus with no sugar added indeed. Thanks for sharing.

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