Thanksgiving Craft and Centerpiece With The Tree of Thanks

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Tree of Thanks

I can hardly believe it’s Thanksgiving Time!

As we strip our walls of the handmade Halloween art, our children made just weeks ago, and try our best to pull off every last bit of the synthetic webbing from shrubs in our front yards. I can’t help but feel sad for the Halloween decor.  If we are early to display “Halloween”, then it has a life of at least 3 or so weeks outside of its plastic tub.  If not, then it’s back into the garage after only a few days. Poor décor.  

Is there anything we can do?  

Why yes, yes there is, and it involves a collaboration with Heather who has a sweet idea which captures “Thanksgiving” in such a memorable way.   If you remember my “Last Minute Halloween Centerpiece” post, we created an easy and organic centerpiece. Now, with only a few modifications we can extend the mantle life of this décor!  We can transform the centerpiece into our very own “Tree of Thanks!” 

This time it’s all about Thanksgiving!

Tree of Thanks Gather


  • Decorative double sided or solid paper (for leaves and acorns – you may use the template provided or create your own)
  • Yellow, green or rust colored yarn, pipe cleaners or embroidery floss 
  • Miniature clothes pins (from any craft store) 
  • White lights (optional) 
  • Mason Jar (optional) 
  • Corn Kernels (optional) 
  • Scissors 

Time to Assemble:

First, I’m sure you noticed all the “optional” notes above.  Let’s start with the mason jar and corn kernels.  Now you already have a vase and sand or beans, something of the sort holding the branches upright.  You can keep this as is, or replace it with a mason jar and fill it with yellow corn kernels.  This makes it a bit more festive. The mason jar doubles as a keepsake for all of the notes of thankfulness.  Be sure to keep your lid! Let’s take a look at what items we can remove from the branches of our Halloween piece, and those we may be able to keep.  Synthetic spider web…gone.  Creepy critters…gone.  Let’s keep the yarn and or pipe cleaners, be it black or orange. Thankfully this is falls into our Thanksgiving color scheme!  

Now it’s time for all those special things you and your family are thankful for. 

Using the templates trace and cut out the acorn and or leaf shapes.


Begin to write what you are thankful for on these. 

You can even leave a few blank for visiting guests or pre-cut them for Thanksgiving Day. Put these aside. 

Here we can add more fall colors, wrapping them around a few of those branches which are in need of a pop of color.  Now for your white lights. 

I usually just pull them from my Christmas supply. Free!!! 

Now, using mini clothes pins, clip your leaves and or acorns, to a branch.  Continue until your tree is “full of thanks”.  You can keep this for next year and add to it or place your notes of thanks, in the mason jar for safe keeping.

A Creative Keepsake Re-created!  

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving?

Heather Reese
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