The Reese Family Takes Over Cancun Day 5

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Today we had one goal, and one goal only. See as much of our travel partner resort, Moon Palace Cancun as possible! 

We fueled up on fruity drinks, wood-fired pizza, and a whole bunch of other delicious food throughout the day!


Since the resort features three separate resort areas, we had our work cut out for us to see it all! We started in Sunrise, where there is an awesome kids pool (more on that to come) and wood-fired pizzas!


Then we stopped at one of the three coffee and snack restaurants for fruit pops! Emmy absolutely loved these and getting to order them herself!


Then we made the long walk by the ocean to The Grand. It was such a tough few minutes having to endure this view as we strolled along. Seriously this is paradise and the walk was about 10 minutes long because I kept making everyone stop so I could take more pictures. Having all this space to spread out in with awesome views every which way you look, was one of my favorite parts of this resort!


Check out this dessert spread! 


So much fresh fruit and everything else you could imagine is here. One time we were eating a meal and I turned to Pete, and asked: “if he saw any guacamole at the buffet”. He didn’t think that he did, and that was it. It was more like a thought than a need for me anyway.

I’m not even kidding, seconds later our waiter came almost running up to our table with a huge bowl of guacamole. I have no idea how he even heard me say it since I couldn’t see him at that point. The service is phenomenal.

When you eat at the buffets, which you must do because they are really great, you go up and fill up your plate.  Then as you leave the buffet area, someone carries your food for you. They want you to enjoy every second of your visit and go above and beyond. I can’t even put into words how they make everyone feel like a VIP here. There is no request that they won’t try to accommodate. 


After eating, we headed back to Nizuc where we were staying.  This is the middle resort. As we were walking, we even saw one of the iguanas that call this resort home. Can you see him up there on the top rock?


More resort views. This one is my favorite view!


There is literally food everywhere.

Not old fashion all-inclusive food either, this is the good stuff. I think that for the most part, all-inclusive resorts have really stepped up their game. Instead of just being value options, for us, they are carefree options. We love staying at all-inclusive resorts because you can just lock up your wallet and enjoy your stay. There is no need to look at prices or get out your credit card to pay. It just makes the whole experience easy and fun. 


Of course, we spent a lot of time at the many pools. The pool in Nizuk has this water slide that we really loved. Emmy even did some belly flops out of it on purpose!


They even had SUP yoga! I’m not going to lie, I didn’t do it… but I enjoyed watching!

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