The Gift That Will Make Your Fitness/Tech Friend Or Anyone Happy!

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garmin vivoactive review

Pete and Ashley have never been so fit and I’m so proud of them. 

Seeing what dedication to exercise and really just moving more can do for you as shown by these two has really encouraged me to make it a priority in my life too. I often come up with excuses as to why I don’t work out more. I don’t have time. I’m too busy… and other reasons I create in my mind are what is keeping me from being a better and healthier me. That’s about to change.

I was so excited to receive a Garmin vívoactive from our friends at Garmin who are sponsoring this post. 

Originally I was going to wear it wear it and try it out… but before I would even claim it, Pete was wearing it and refusing to take it off. Whenever I’m working on a tech post like this one, Pete and I always work on them together. I’ve found that he sees things I don’t and that we are able to make a much better assessment of new products together. So it was no surprise that he had already opened it up and was learning all about it.


So that’s how it went for a few days. We rotated back and forth who got to wear it. 

I love that no matter what your fitness level, Garmin has a product that can help you take charge of your daily health and activity. Garmin’s vivo family of products is perfect to get going. The Garmin vívoactive is a GPS smartwatch for the active lifestyle. 

garmin wearable

Here are Pete’s thoughts on why he loves the Garmin vívoactive.

Stylish – I’ve been asked at least five times what I had on my wrist and then I was told how cool it looks.  Also, you can download different watch faces to keep things fresh!

Notifications – It will give you a short vibration to notify you of incoming texts, emails, and phone calls. It is perfect for when you don’t want to pull your phone out of your pocket….you can determine if it is an important message or not with a glance at the watch. The app lets you control what things will notify you in this manner too.


Fitness – the GPS features of this watch are very impressive.  You can accurately track a run/walk/swim without even bringing your phone with you.  When you return to your phone, the watch will sync the data with your phone and app for you to evaluate.
App – Garmin Connect Mobile is very user friendly and I have not run into any bugs while using it with my Android smart phone.  The app charts your daily steps, your workouts that you designate, and various health markers.  It easily connects to MyFitnessPal which is a very popular app I use to track my diet.
Waterproof – No need to take it off for swimming or showering which helps it not forgetting to put it back on.  This is a rare feature for smart watches
Battery – Seems to last forever.  I’ve only had to charge it about once a week.  
I agree with Pete on all of these. One of the features that I loved the most was the reminder to get up and move around. I spend hours at the computer and the time flies by without me noticing. I love that it vibrates to remind me to get up and stretch and take a quick walk when I’ve been sitting for too long. 
When we were on our last plane trip a week ago, we even had a conversation with another passenger about how much he loves his Garmin vívoactive too! In fact he said that he bought another one at Walmart while we was visiting Pennsylvania for a family member!

garmin fitness tracker review

staying fit

What advice do you give to others to stay active?

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