7 Reasons I’m Not Doing Elf On The Shelf

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7 Reasons

Prepare for the onslaught of Elf On The Shelf Posts! I’m already seeing them. This year I was even going to get in on the fun until Emmy and I went to the store to buy our own Elf On The Shelf. As I held it in my hands ready to head over and pay for it I had a change of heart. Here are seven reasons we are not doing Elf On The Shelf.

  1. He’s creepy. That is the first thing my daughter said when she saw him. She pointed to the look on his face and the way that his eyes follow you.
  2. The threat of Santa seeing everything, not just where the Elf can see is good enough for me. I was raised on the believe that you had to be “extra good” during the holidays because Santa can see and knows everything… we don’t need some creepy elf taking notes too.
  3. Who has the time? This is the number one reason I’m not doing Elf On The Shelf. Have you seen all the ideas on Pinterest? Who has time for that each and every single day… and the clean up after? Not me!
  4. I know I will forget and disappoint my kids. See number 3. This is the busiest time for me work wise and some nights I fall asleep with my laptop open still working… I know I will forget the elf and break my daughters heart.
  5. They scare my daughter and she feels like he is going to do something scary to her. She really feels like he is going to play a mean trick on her.
  6. Too much pressure! There is too much pressure to get it “right” during a time when there are already enough pressures from creating a memorable Christmas. 
  7. It’s not what Christmas is all about. It’s about love and kindness, not fear and trickery.

PS. Even after all these reasons not to do Elf on The Shelf… we might still do it, because done right, it can be really fun!

Are you doing Elf On The Shelf This Year?

Heather Reese
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  • I’ve seen way to many posts about Elf on the Shelf, it’s fun to see one that goes against it. Lol. Thanks for sharing your insight! I guess it’s for moms who are not so busy at home.

  • I’m not an Elf on the Shelf-er either. With all of the traditions and outings that we participate in during the holidays, I feel like adding this would be nothing but more pressure for me not to forget something! lol

  • These are great reasons. We don’t do “Santa” the kids know we are Santa. We teach them the true meaning behind Christmas.

  • He is creepy. My son k owe he is not real but asked if we hide him anyway. He just likes the hide n seek game

  • I agree with this! I’m doing Elf on the Shelf now, and she has hardly move because I don’t have the time to move her all over the place. Also, the elf creeps my kids out.

  • I think the elf thing has been taken over the top! It really is too bad that somthing that could be fun had to go by the way of everything today. Way does everything have to be a competition with the parents, which mum has the best ideas or the biggest show. How about thinking of the kids somthing simple and fun.

  • ugh – i should have decided this a couple years ago – i hate that stupid elf – we do EASY stuff and he doesnt show up until the first day of holiday break from school – but still – he’s lame! LOL

  • We have an elf, Cutesy, that started his yearly visits in 2011. Cutesy is not the Elf on the Shelf ( I think that one is creepy looking). Our elf is just for fun. He does not have any restrictions about not being touched. Sometimes he leaves learning activities for my son to do: finish a story, crack-the-code using math facts, solve riddles for scavenger hunts, building activities, delivering new books to read, delivering a new joke every day, and other things. Cutesy also gets up to a some nonsense but it makes my son laugh. I really enjoy it.

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