Our Top Christmas Toy Picks

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I am already in the holiday shopping zone and I LOVE it! We just got back from Walmart to scout out our top toys for the year and I’m so excited to share them with you. This post is sponsored by Mirum. Opinions are 100% my own.

Wearing flip-flops and clothes that scream “summer” more than Christmas shopping, we headed to Walmart with one goal only- find some cool toys. I even got Pete in on the action and had him pick out a toy his inner child liked.

We headed straight to Toyland which is in the regular toy section but is starting to look pretty festive for the holidays and already is packed with toys!


The girls spread out and were on a mission to find some unique gifts. I told them to think of who their recipient was and then to find something good. 

Maddie was the first to find her top gift choice of 2017. Her chosen recipient was everyone. She said she can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t love this retro Pac-Man game. I totally agree!

Next up was Emmy. Her choice- a Show Pony. The target recipient, herself of course! I think she did very well!

Ash went big with her choice. She said it was for someone looking for more of an experience than just a toy. Maybe 10+ through adulthood, give or take a couple of years. This one looked detailed and like it could give days, if not weeks of fun for the Star Wars fan in your life. I was really impressed with this choice!

Pete’s choice was not at all surprising. He headed to the NERF section and found something for the adult guy in your life… or in mine! Ha!


The one thing that all the gifts had in common was batteries so we decided to look to see where they were. There was a huge display right in the front of the store with every size and package count you could possibly need.

I love that they are close to the checkout lanes because I have forgotten on so many occasions. That is the worst feeling ever to have your kids all excited to play with a new gift on Christmas morning and not have the batteries it needs. This way this display is positioned will hopefully trigger a reminder so people will remember to buy them!

Here is my reminder to you too- Don’t forget to shop for your Energizer batteries at Walmart!



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Be sure to search Energizer on to learn more about Energizer batteries. 

Have you started your holiday shopping?

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  • These are some great toy gift picks for 2017. I know the Pac-Man game is something I would love to get for my niece’s kids. They could all play this game and try getting the top score as well. Thanks for sharing these awesome toys.

  • I normally don’t buy presents that have batteries in them since most of the time they died really fast and my sister never have batteries to replace them so they can only place with a couple of times.

  • Great choices in gifts. I did once forget the batteries. My son opened his gift and he was so upset that we had no batteries. I felt so bad. Since then I’ve never forgotten them LOL

  • Haha batteries are always the one thing that I forget so thank you for the reminder! I like the sound of the Robo batman and it is something that I am sure that my nephew would enjoy as well!

  • What a fantastic idea! Who would have thought to take the kiddies (and family) to the store for their toy picks. You just made my ticker brighter with another blog idea. Thank you! 🙂

  • These are all awesome top toy picks for 2017. I have to admit that Pac-Man is something I am going to gift to a couple of people on my list this year which includes both my parents. We had an Atari with the Pac-Man game when we were growing up. My siblings and I had to share it with our parents who I believe played it more than we did at times. Thanks for sharing these awesome toy ideas.

  • A fun present without batteries is a bummer on Christmas Morning. I always include some (tape them to the top of the package) when I gift. 🙂

  • You would think my husband is planning for some sort of power outage that will last weeks or months. We have so many types of batteries in my house. We just ask dad, can you get….,? I enjoyed these tips picks and have some under the tree. I always include batteries when giving a gift that Ned’s batteries.

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