Back-To-School Self-Confidence Tips For Teens

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I’ve partnered with the HEALTHY ESSENTIALS® to share tips to boost self-confidence for teens.

A new school year is here again!

Can you believe how quickly the summer flew by? Thankfully, we all love this time of year so we are ready (and eager) to get back to a regular schedule and learning from the awesome teachers we have in our community. Even the most excited teens can feel some uneasiness, especially during times of change. The start of a new school year is a big time of change, so today I am sharing some simple tips to boost teen self-confidence.

Self-confidence starts from the inside out. My first tip is to have a healthy mind and body. This means taking the time to do the things you love, which is why I encourage my daughters to enjoy their hobbies. One of my daughters loves to work out and the other loves to read novels so it’s important they open up space in their busy schedules to do some of what they love.

I am sharing the rest of my tips for teen self-confidence over at, including how mindfulness plays a big role in positive self-confidence. In fact, LISTERINE® COOL MINT® Mouthwash is partnering with the meditation app Inscape to teach us just how important self-care really is.

How do you encourage your teen’s self-confidence?

To use, rinse full strength for 30 seconds with 20mL morning and night. Do not swallow. Do not use in children under 12 years of age. Keep out of reach of children.

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  • Being a good role model is a fantastic way to help boost a teens self confidence too! You never know how much they are learning from you!

  • Self confidence is really important especially for teens since they go through so much changes and they can be really insecure about their bodies. I think it’s awesome that you’re teaching them how to become more confident in life!

  • My son is six days away from becoming a teenager. Lately, we talk a lot more about things. We talk about how he feels and confidence. As a parent, we celebrate him and encourage him while reminding him who he is.

  • I think the biggest aspect to confidence is feeling loved at home. This doesn’t mean you have to let your teen do whatever they want, just set boundaries and don’t be overbearing. Let them feel as though they can come to you with everything.

  • I just picked up some Listerine this weekend. In addition to helping avoid bad breath it really is great for helping keep gums healthy which is my preference for buying it.

  • Self-confidence is so important for any age but the teen years is when it really can take a beating. I need to click over and read the rest of the tips. No teens in my family right now but I often work with them so it would be really helpful.

  • Trust me, my son doesn’t leave home for school without brushing his teeth and using a mouthwash. He takes care of his teeth so much so now that he has braces.

  • You know I think this is so awesome, being confident in yourself is amazing and so great while going through school!

  • Self-confidence is so important, especially for a teen!! I am so glad I am not a teenager today because I feel like there are so many more pressures put on them than there were when I was in high school! You go girls!!

  • Thanks for the tip to leave time for teens to enjoy their hobbies, such as reading or working out. My brother has a son that has some special needs, and giving him time to do his hobby of riding his bike would be really great as a break from his schedule. By going to a specialty school for teens and finding time to do what he loves, I’m confident my nephew will be able to have the confidence he needs for schooling.

  • I love this idea! I prefer gifts that are actually going to be used. This is a great gift idea! I think it would be good for other occasions as well. Thanks for sharing!

  • Everybody has a consistent inward monolog running all day, every day. You converse with yourself more than any other person. Also, what you say in your mind shapes your confidence, which truly impacts everything in your life. That is the reason it’s essential to help your tyke’s confidence while they are youthful so as to give a much brighter future.

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