Enjoy The Small Things In Life

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I love discovering new ways to bring happiness to my life and those of my readers and I am so excited to share that Mad Life Season 3 is here. This post is a sponsored post partnership so that I can share all about these new videos.

summer fun

It’s been 9 months since I decided to just be happy. 

That sounds strange right? But it’s totally true. This past year has been crazy good. My good year started one day when I decided to see the good in any and all situations. To wake up each morning knowing it’s going to be a good day. Does it always work? No, I still have bad days but I don’t let them get to me like they did before. I let go of things I can’t control and focus on what I can… and I really appreciate all that I have to be thankful for in my life.

I love when I find other people who are on the same mission as I am to have a better life, be happy and be awesome parents. It’s even better when they like to laugh too! The Mad Life video series is all of this and more! 

CafeMom Studios is in its third season of producing an awesome video series called Mad Life. 

Mad Life is sponsored by Target and hosted by Andrew Shue. Yes, THAT Andrew Shue! They tackle topics that we are all thinking about as parents in a funny way and they have some that really get you thinking too.

This one called “Enjoying The Simple Things” really spoke to me.

I love how Andrew just gets it.  I spent my summer doing the same thing. Enjoying the simple {or small things as I call them}.

If you haven’t seen a Mad Life video before you are going to really enjoy them. 

The panel on the videos are top notch! Andrew Shue is the host and is joined by his mother in law Joanie Robach and his good friend Chuck Nice. I love that they tackle each situation with good advice and tons of humor! You can learn more about them here.

Us enjoying the simple things with a walk on the beach and looking for sea creatures. 

mad life

Here is the latest episode which I could totally relate to. 

Mad Life Beauty Break – Shine Made Simple. The Mad Life Glam Squad got a plea from a mom who wants Sofia Vergara’s luminous hair and sultry eyes. They show her – and us that with the right products, any mom can go from drab to fab! I’m going to be following these tips because I want gorgeous hair and eyes too!

Head on over to Mad Life to see even more awesome episodes and be sure to grab a cup of coffee or tea beforehand. They are great to sit back and watch while enjoying something to drink. I couldn’t stop at watching just one… I kept seeing more and more that I just had to watch!

What is a simple moment that you enjoyed recently?

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  • This is what I have been trying to work on is just seeing the good. I have to caught myself a lot but but there is even good in everything bad. Purpose for everything is what I have always said. Thanks for sharing.

  • This sounds like a great show – I’ll have to check it out. Yes, I am finding as I get older, that simple is better and I am trying to simplify my life and just enjoy those simple things.

  • What an upbeat Post! Thanks for sharing your happiness with us all, and I can see you have much to be happy about in one little cutie pie package.

  • A good life is not always a happy life. You still can see good when bad times show up. Life is like a wheel, sometimes its up and sometimes its down. Both times makes us a better person than before.

  • I think making a conscience decision to be happy is the best decision you can make. It changes how you look at everything in your life. I made this decision a few years back and when ever I am feeling stressed or angry I step back and ask what about the situation I am grateful for and what about the situation I have the ability to change. This really helps me put into perspective when I am in the wrong place or when the situation can be changed by an attitude shift.

  • I should try to do that starting tomorrow morning. Would love to wake up and say I’m going to be happy today no matter what. =)

  • A simple moment that I recently enjoyed with my family….and don’t laugh…my mother, brother and I have been following the same dietary restrictions and today, we were in pure heaven when we all split a Cherry Pie Larabar. Now, we are determined to make our own recipe.

  • I learned to not sweat the small stuff a long time ago. If you can’t control it, don’t worry about it. The more positive your thoughts, the better your day is, and that spreads 😀

  • Very cool! Thank you for sharing. I am definitely on that mission: to just be happy and enjoy my family. In the end, that is what counts, and that is what is most important.

  • What a beautiful and inspiring post. It’s so important to stop and acknowledge the magnificent small moments that comprise our daily lives. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone consciously chose happiness.

  • This post is awesome! I’m on the same mission to be happy, to see the good in any and all situations, I’m right there with you sister and it’s working. I’ve been doing so much better since I’ve adopted this attitude about life.

  • I have found that it’s the simple things that ultimately mean the most. Most OF our treasured family memories stem from super simple things

  • I really love your outlook on life! I have major anxiety issues, so I’d have a really hard time adopting it, but I really have a goal of trying to relax more. In every way, not just “kick back and relax.” Like stop LOOKING for things to freak out about and try to acknowledge that not every little issue is the end of the world. I also really love that Mad Life show, it’s such a fun show to watch.

  • thank you for this. You are the second person i’ve read about in two days that have said the same thing to just choose to be happy. i think the universe is speaking to me and I need to listen thank you.

  • Sounds like a great show; haven’t seen it yet. I agree that simplifying one’s life is the key to happiness.

  • I’ll have to check out that show! We just moved and are finally settled, so a lot of my favorite moments lately have been with the kids and exploring our new surroundings.

  • I had no idea that Andrew Shue was the co founder of CafeMom. I remember many years ago he had his own organization for kids/teens and young adults that helped them to create a program that would change lives. I can’t remember what the name of that organization is, but I remember there used to be a lot about it.

  • My day-to-day grind staying at home with my two boys under two years of age can get to be grueling. It really is important to appreciate those simple things like the rare times that they take a nap at the same time…

  • I agree! Life is ALL about the little moments and enjoying them. We waste so much time waiting for huge things to happen and don’t see the amazing things around us.

  • I took a walk down main street on my lunch break while listening to my iPod. It was something different that I don’t do very often and I enjoyed it.

  • I found myself finishing until the end of the video. Just spending time with my family gives me much happiness. It starts with an everyday simple conversation over breakfast and all of us will feel inspired to work on the day.

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