1 Hour To A Perfect Football Viewing Party

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We hosted a “Gather ‘Em Up for Game Day” football viewing party where I gave myself only an hour to get ready for the party! To make it even more fun this post is sponsored by Procter & Gamble.

1 hour party

We decided {pretty last minute} to throw a football game viewing party.

When I say last minute I really mean an hour before the game started. I would love to tell you why we decided to do this, but I don’t have an exact reason. As much as I’m a total planner, sometimes I just get ideas and run with it. This was one of those times. I was really happy with the way our party turned out too! Watching an NFL game was even more fun this way because I hadn’t stressed about everything being perfect and I just went with it! 

Here is how I threw an awesome football viewing party in an hour!

family dollar 

First thing I did was wash our favorite team spirit shirts in Tide Laundry Detergent!

Clean, fresh smelling shirts are a must right? Pete and the girls are some of the biggest Eagles fans out there. Notice I didn’t include myself? I like the Eagles and all, but I like the party part of football more. I love getting together with friends and family and enjoying all the yummy food. The actual game is secondary. P&G has a lot of products to help you get game day ready including Gain, Tide, Head & Shoulders, Old Spice, Gillette, and Duracell.


Now it was time to go shopping.

I headed over to Family Dollar. Have you been in a Family Dollar recently? I love how it has everything you need but isn’t so huge that it takes hours to shop and checkout. Family Dollar is totally a convenient place to get your favorite P&G and Pepsi brands so you could provide your family a perfect Game Day experience! It took me less than 15 minutes to get everything I needed. I bought Pepsi, Lays, Tostitos, Doritos, Bounty, Charmin, and Duracell. The last thing I wanted was to run out of toilet paper or have our remote run out of power. These are the things that are often forgotten.

editable football printable

After I had everything I needed for the party from Family Dollar I started on the decorations.

I printed this editable welcome sign and banners. The banners are available in your favorite NFL team logos. I also used the banner to make a flag for the little one to cheer with. She came up with the idea herself and we just taped it onto a glow stick. You could also use a plastic straw.

Football Printables

With ten minutes to go I set out the food and beverages.

The girls were so excited to sip on Pepsi during the game. It was over 100 degrees out and they were melting. I really believe that less is often more so I stuck with just Pepsi and Diet Peps or “DP” as we call it. Does anyone else call it that? My Grandma used to drink DP all the time and she loved football too so I love to carry on the tradition and give the girls a special treat and share the memories! Back to the food, I decorated a tray and filled it with cups of ice and big bags full of chips for snacking! I also brought over Tostitos Salsa for some extra fun!

game day party easy

football fan

family football night

Before I knew it the party was over.

Thankfully I had Dawn and Swiffer to help me out. I washed all the dishes in Dawn and did a quick once over with my Swiffer Sweeper and I was done. What a difference it makes to have the right tools to make the job quicker and easier. 

football party

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