Disney Social Media Moms Celebration at WDW

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I was invited to attend the 2015 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. Although I was offered a discounted rate on elements of the trip, I paid the other portion. I was also provided gifts during the conference from conference sponsors.



We were all thrilled to be invited to the 2015 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration held at Walt Disney World.

We attended last years event when it was at Disneyland and we had an amazing time… but this years event was even more special since the girls and I had never been to Walt Disney World.

After a couple months planning we were on our way from San Diego to Orlando.

After doing quite a bit of travel over the past year we’ve learned a few tips that makes trips better for our family… and one of them is non-stop flights! Our plane took off at 1pm and we landed in Florida close to 10 pm local time. The airport was practically empty (which was awesome… no lines anywhere) and we made our way to Disney’s Magical Express, a really cool bus that takes you straight from the airport to your hotel, if you are staying on site.



I would highly recommend reserving a space on it to get to and from the airport. 


A little after 11 pm we were settled into The Yacht Club and even though it was late at night, and we had traveled all day, we were full of energy and we decided to explore a bit. 

The Yacht Club and The Beach Club are right next to each other.

We had the opportunity to see both of them and although we stayed at the Yacht Club we would have loved to stay at The Beach Club too. They both had a great feel to them. I’d say The Yacht Club was slightly more fancy, but the difference was minimal. We consider ourselves more of luxury family travelers and both resorts are on our list to return to. One note is that The Beach Club is going through a room remodel and the updated rooms are really nice. 

We ended up walking to the entrance of Epcot and over to the Boardwalk where we had a very late dinner at ESPN Zone. They have veggie burgers and fries that are really good. Totally family friendly even late at night!


The next morning we were up early to explore some more. 

We started by checking out the pool and water slide. Awesome doesn’t quite cover how great they are. The girls ended up spending early afternoons lounging in the shade by the pool.. and jumping in to cool off in between trips going down the huge slide. Even Pete got in on the slide action! 


Before we knew it we were heading over to check in for the celebration! 

I’m always asked how invites for this event work… and I honestly have no idea.

Logically I think in my head that it’s about getting on the radar of the people that host the event but I also know that there is much more to it than that. You also need to have a love of all things Disney, and of course have a strong social media presence. Beyond that I’m clueless as to how invites go out… but I will be forever grateful for the two years that we have been included in this amazing opportunity.


Disney really knows how to have a celebration.

I dare say they are the leaders in celebrations… from the halls all decked out for Social Media Mom’s, to the little touches while we were there. It really was an amazing experience. 


While I was taking care of paperwork my little one was busy snapping selfies with Mickey! I about toppled over when I found these on my phone. The cuteness! Plus I love how Mickey was totally cool with it!

Later that evening we all had a great time at the evening celebration sponsored by Disney Citizenship at the World Show Place Pavilion!  

20150507_180626 20150507_181717 20150507_201754

And then we all moved over to watch the fireworks at a dessert party sponsored by Babble. 

There were vegan donuts and special glasses that made each sparkle in the fireworks look like Mickey Mouse ears! Plus vegan donuts! Maddie was in heaven!

20150507_203420 20150507_203708 20150507_210919

The next day was conference day in the convention center next to the Beach and Yacht Club.


We heard from some awesome speakers like Victoria Lim, Managing Editor of Walt Disney World Public Relations, Dr. Tanya R. Altmann of Disney Imagicademy, Vivienne Harr the 11-year-old Chief Inspiration Officer for STAND, Jonas Rivera the Producer of Inside Out and VP of Production at Pixar, Chris Brogan the New York Times Best Selling Author and CEO of Owner Media Group, Donald Driver ex football player, author and motivational speaker, Eva Smith sharing Pinterest Insights, Thomas Smith the Social Media Director of Disney Parks (he’s also in charge of the Disney Parks Blog) and Janice Balgemino the Director of Global Brand Marketing for Disney Infinity! 

So many amazing speakers! Here are some of my favorite moments:

20150508_074128  20150508_084617  20150508_102517 20150508_103746 20150508_113406

Freshest and cutest lunch!

20150508_121532 20150508_132552

On Friday evening, we had a special party on the beach at the Yacht and Beach Club Resorts. It was hosted by Mylan, makers of EpiPen auto-injectors.

20150508_20292620150508_194707 beach party food20150508_195115 20150508_203003

On Saturday morning, all of the attendees and families were whisked away bright and early for a screening of Inside Out. We only got to see the first two-thirds (see my full review here) and we loved every moment! Before that we rode the Rock-N-Roll roller coaster before the parks even opened! The rest of the day was spent eating our way through Epcot! (I’ve got a whole story to tell you about that).


Sunday was Mother’s Day and we were up bright and early for breakfast.

20150510_081130 20150510_084448 20150510_084704

And then the celebration was officially over. It was the perfect way to end an amazing experience… but our own adventure didn’t stop there. We stayed at Disney World for 4 more days and I have so much to share! I’ll be back soon with more!

Have you been to Disney World?

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