Chocolate Banana Frozen Pops

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I can't believe half of the year is already over.

The past six months have flown by… and it's almost time for one of my favorite holidays… the 4th of July! For years now we have thrown a huge celebration on the 4th. We have a BBQ, or cookout as Pete calls it, and the evening ends watching fireworks. Living at the top of a hill has it's benefits… and being able to see 7-10 fireworks on the 4th of July is one of the best!

I start planning our menu for our party months ahead of time.

I normally test a couple recipes and make some changes to them before they make it on the official menu… but my chocolate banana frozen pops needed no changes. They were perfect on the first try, and they are the easiest frozen pop ever with only 2 ingredients and 2 minutes prep time!


  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1/4 cup TruMoo Chocolate


    1. Blend TruMoo and banana.
    2. Pour into pop mold.
    3. Freeze overnight.
    4. Enjoy!

The little one and I enjoyed a pop outside last night as we watched the sunset.

She said it was the best night ever (she says that often and I love it). Then she declared we had to take a selfie with our pops and the happiest faces we can make. I think I nailed it! She looks normal and I look a bit overly happy… but I'm okay with that… it was an awesome moment!

Even after the pop she still wanted some TruMoo Chocolate straight out of the bottle! 

TruMoo is our favorite because it has no high fructose syrup and their farmers pledge “no artificial growth hormones”. Plus it provides 8 essential nutrients that kids need. It's also delicious and we just love the taste! For product information and availability, visit TruMoo online. You can also Find TruMoo Recipe inspiration on Pinterest. for even more ways to use TruMoo.And be sure to Join the TruMoo community on Facebook.


What are your favorite 4th of July foods?

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  1. I don’t really have any fourth of July foods, but I think this would be very easy to make with my niece, and I know she would love it

  2. Can I tell you that I was not expecting that to be the recipe? I was thinking pour the milk in the mold and then put the banana in the milk and you can see what a mess would be made at my house, right? Yes, run on sentence and all! Glad I read the post – lol! Great idea.

  3. I love Tru Moo chocolate milk. It is my favorite brand of chocolate milk. This sounds like such a refreshing popsicle for summer!

  4. My kiddos love chocolate and banana and during the summer…all they want to eat is frozen treats! lol This sounds like a triple win! We’ll have to try it this week!

  5. Those popsicles look great! Bananas and chocolate milk go really good together. Even my Dad loves chocolate milk and he is in his 90s!

  6. We drink Tru Moo on road trips. I love that it’s growth hormone free and high in protein. My daughter loves that it’s chocolate. Double win. We’ll have to make this recipe.

  7. Bananas and chocolate always make a great combo. Those frozen chocolate banana frozen pops would make the perfect heat-busters during summer. They’d also be great for summer get-togethers and weekend barbeques.

  8. These look so delicious and refreshing. My favorite fourth of July foods are BBQ burgers and steak.

  9. Ong my daughter would love these!! She loves both banana and chocolate milk! Two of her favorites

  10. This one looks so delicious. This would be a fun treat for any kids with the combination of Banana & Chocolate. I am sure my girls would definitely love this. Will have to try this yummy treat for sure.

  11. These are so easy to make for the kids and they are totally yummy. I love the the TruMoo chocolate milk and totally love bananas. You could make these with more than just bananas too. Thanks for sharing.

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