A Hurtigruten Voyage To See the Northern Lights

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Thank you to Hurtigruten for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to check something off my bucket list!

This was a big year for us, a big year for me personally too.

For the years that I wasn’t feeling well, I was always worried about getting sicker and that meant not going too far from home. Once I started feeling better I knew I had a lot of time to make up for and a lot of the world to see! I made a bucket list and I started checking things off of the list. I flew for the first time in years, visited 2 states and another country plus took 2 trips to Northern California. This should have fulfilled my need to travel for awhile, but instead, it just awoke a passion in me to see even more.

One thing that is at the top of my list is to be able to see the Northern Lights in Norway.

I don’t want to just see them, i want to experience the culture of Norway  while visiting the villages and towns along the route to see the famous lights! Did you know that winter is the best time to see the lights and the best way to experience the Northern Lights and Norway is on a Hurtigruten voyage!

Winter is the most special time to explore the wild and untamed Norwegian scenery.

Join various miniature polar expeditions like a husky sled adventure or a snow mobile trip into the Polar Night through a frozen landscape with beautiful views of the Arctic Wilderness.


Hurtigruten offers numerous Winter packages that are perfect for experiencing Norwegian culture. 

6-Day Voyage South
7-Day Voyage North
12-Day Roundtrip Voyage
• Cross the Arctic Circle and hopefully see the Northern Lights
• Explore the gateway to the Arctic, Tromsø
• Enjoy a wide selection of excursions including Husky Adventure, Lofotr Viking Feast, dog sledging and wilderness Adventure Camp

In Search of the Northern Lights package
• See the famous Nidaros Cathedral
• Cross into the Arctic Circle
• Visit the capital of the Arctic, Tromsø
• Sail through the stunning Lofoten Islands and the local fishing villages
• See the majestic Seven Sisters mountains

Winter Voyage, Air & Hotel Packages
• Cross the Arctic Circle and Hopefully see the Northern Lights
• Explore the gateway to the Arctic, Tromsø
• Enjoy a wide selection of exciting and interesting excursions, like the Husky Adventure, Lofotr Viking Feast, dog sledding, Snow Hotel and wilderness Adventure camp

Special One-Time MS Finnmarken Voyage
• Best of the MS Fram Expedition Team on board
• Guest Lecturer Pal Brekke, Northern Lights expert
• A selection of included excursions
• Interpretive hikes with Expedition Team
• Expert presentations throughout the voyage
• Free Helly Hansen Hunting the Light fleece jacket

Astronomy Voyage
• A full tour of the Norwegian Coast and our 34 posts
• The chance to see the Northern Lights
• Lectures on board about the night sky and the Northern Lights
• A visit to the Northern Lights Planetarium at Tromsø

Each Hurtigruten departure is a purposeful voyage.

Each voyage provides a transportation lifeline between cities and villages while exploring stunning fjords and UNESCO World Heritage sites along the more than 1,000 miles of Norway’s pristine coastal waterway. This mixture of local encounters, spectacular scenery, and utterly unique shore activities provides an unmatched opportunity to experience and interact with the beauty and charm of Norway and it’s people. Hurtigruten’s 11 ships depart almost every day of the year, from 34 ports along the Norwegian Coast.

Flexible Pricing Can Save You Up To 30%.

Hurtigruten operates on a variable pricing system whereby prices remain low until higher occupancy levels are reached. Right now a lot of prime space is still available meaning that select Winter Coastal Voyages have savings up to 30% off brochure fares! 

Winter Coastal Voyages
6, 7, 11, & 12 day Voyages
• From only $965 per person!

In Search of the Northern Lights Package:
• 6-Day Voyage
• 1-Night Hotel
• From only $879 per person!

Winter Voyage, Air & Hotel Package:
6 or 7 day Norway Voyage
• Roundtrip Airfare from Newark (more gateways are available for additional cost)
• All pre/post voyage transfers
• Pre and post Overnight Hotel (2 night)
• From $2,251 per person


Why do you want to visit Norway?

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