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moxxie soap natural

I’m trying to slow down and enjoy life more.

It sounds so easy and simple and then life happens and you are going 500 miles an hour again… at least my mind tends to. When I look back at who I was 15 years ago there are only a few bits and pieces of the old me still left… and that’s okay. I like who and what I am now, but there are a few pieces I do miss. One of them was the way I took time to do the really easy things that made me happy. I’m now adding some of those pieces back into my life. I’ve always loved natural skin care products and I’m bringing more good smelling products back into my life.

I’m consciously shopping, not just buying.

That means what I bring into my life has to smell good, be good and be something I really want on my counters. Moxxie handcrafted 100% plant-based bath and body products are exactly what I am looking for. They are made in small batches from scratch with pure, undiluted essential oils. I love that they smell like their ingredients. The Peppermint Natural Moisturizing Body Creme smells like real peppermint because they use such high quality essential oils.

The soaps are beyond anything I could have imagined.

I’m not the type to get all crazy for soap and we normally use liquid soaps anyways, but these soaps have converted me back to bars. As soon as I opened up the package I could smell them and it took me days to even move them close to a sink because I just wanted to smell them all the time, which sounds crazy to admit, but it’s true. They really are that great. They also didn’t leave my hands all dried out.

Here are some of their other awesome products that I’ve been using:

moxxie lotion

moxie handmade soap

lemon grass handmade soap

solid sugar scrub

essential oil spray

The lavender spray is what dreams are made of, or rather how dreams get started. I love spraying it before bedtime and it totally relaxes me. 

If you are looking for a thoughtful holiday present Moxxie is a great choice. I know lot’s of people that would love to be gifted it. They also offer gift sets that take the work out of picking what to give if you are crunched for time. The package arrives beautifully presented too! 

What is your favorite scent?

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