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10 Things Every Baby Needs

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Things Every Baby Needs

Besides love and lots of attention, every baby needs a few essential things. It can be overwhelming to decide what exactly you need to survive the first few months with your newborn. Here is my top ten list of essentials for baby.

1. Safe place to sleep. A safe crib with several tight fitted sheets will give you the best place to put baby to sleep on his back.

2. Diaper Bag You will soon find that when going out with a new baby you want to be as prepared as possible. Save your back and combine your purse and diaper bag for the first few months.

3. Swaddle blankets Babies are used to being in tight spaces. Swaddling them tightly gives them a sense of security and comfort.

4. Diapers and wipes. Disposable or cloth they are a must.

5. Bottles and Breast Pump. If you are breastfeeding, invest in a breast pump. Some insurances will pay for the rental of one for a few months. Have several bottles on hand for the many feedings that will be taking place. 

6. Infant mirrors & bright colored toys. Babies are fascinated by their reflections and bright objects. 

7. Stroller Invest in a light, easy to fold and un-fold stroller. This will make it easy for you to able to get out with baby. 

8. Carseat You will need a safe carseat for your baby in the car. Carseats do have expiration dates. So be sure to look. You can have your local fire department check to see if your carseat is installed properly.

9. Bath Essentials. Soft towel, washcloths, and baby shampoo. You don't have to have a baby bathtub. You can save your back by giving your baby a bath in the kitchen or bathroom sink. 

10. Camera Take as many pictures as possible of your newborn and every stage that they go through. They grow so fast. Capture as many moments as you can to be able to enjoy them for years to come.


This post contains affiliate links.  Please see Disclosure Policy for further information…

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  1. YES on the camera. I literally took millions of pictures when my boys were babies. I still do.

  2. My big thing was a carseat that was easy to carry and put into the car! Seriously, do your research before you go out and buy!

  3. All of those are definite necessities. A good, safe car seat and good swaddle blankets were most important to me.

  4. Great list! You pretty much listed everything a new mother needs. I can’t think of anything else.

  5. We had so many swaddle blankets for my kids. My favorite ones were large muslin blankes I used them for everything for the kids to sleep with, to cover, as a tarp on the ground!

  6. All of these are MUST HAVES! I couldn’t be without my camera when my daughter was born. I think I must have over a dozen memory cards with all her photos on it, from her first tooth to her first cookie!

  7. The swaddle blanket was so useful, even outside of swaddling. One of my first purchases was actually a jogging stroller. We used it as our primary stroller!

  8. Sacks, onesies and footie pajamas! got to keep them covered when it’s chilly and they always kick things off.

  9. This pretty much covers all the baby essentials! The camera is perhaps the most important, if only because moms like to document everything! 🙂

  10. Awesome list! I found that my stroller was SO much more important than I had thought. I originally had just got a cheap one but I really needed one with tougher wheels!

  11. I miss having a newborn. Until I’m at a restaurant and then I’m glad mine are a bit older. Just waiting on grandkids now. My youngest is 8 and oldest is 17. Hoping I have a few years.

  12. Great list! You’re totally right. This is so helpful even though I’m not a mom yet, I have a niece whom I love dearrrrly that has all these essential stuff.

  13. This is a great list. I agree with everything on it. This would be very helpful for new parents.

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