Blogging Courses

Blogger training programs to help you start your own blog or online business.

We know the power of having your own blog and online business. It has been life-changing for us and we know it has for many others too.

Of course, with any business, there is a learning curve to be successful. For us, it took years to get to where we are and we want you to be able to blastoff your success much sooner!

We’ve taken everything we’ve learned to build our successful blog business to create our free and premium blogger training courses. 

Free extensive introduction training courses to start a blog or online business:

Our philosophy with our business has always been to provide as much free help and value as we possibly can.

That has been true from the very beginning of when we started helping entrepreneurs. Our focus is on our students and to help others design the types of lives that they want to live. That will never change.

To do that we’ve developed some extensive FREE training resources to help you out tremendously.

These are high-value courses with real-world actionable training that will help you get your own online business started. 

To learn from any of these programs, all you have to do is click a link below, enter your name and email on the form, and then the training will automatically be sent to your email inbox.

Start A Blogging Business How To Start A Blog free course

Start A Blogging Business (formerly Start A Money Making Blog)

This 5-day foundational blogging course has been downloaded over 500,000 times. In the course, we show you exactly how to choose a niche, pick the perfect name, get your logo, how to set up the right hosting for your blog, and much more. Get the Start A Blogging Business course for free here.

how to start a travel blog free training program and course

How to Start A Travel Blog

This 5-day course covers all the necessary steps to take in order to start a professional travel blog. Everything from naming your blog, deciding on your niche, to choosing the correct platform to host your travel blog. Get the How To Start A Travel Blog course here for free.

How to email your way to comped travel on demand video training

Email Your Way To Comped Travel

If you have an interest in the world of travel blogging, then this hour-long video training is for you. We let you in on the techniques that professional travel bloggers use to arrange comped (free) travel to resorts, hotels, attractions, cities, countries, and more. It’s simply an exchange of content for free accommodations. Check out the free training here on-demand.


10k Traffic Challenge

Getting traffic to your website is one of the most critical factors in your success as an online business owner. Having no traffic to your website is like owning a store where nobody ever walks inside. In that case, it’s impossible to sell anything. That’s why we spend 10 days out of every month running a free challenge called the 10k Traffic Challenge. It’s 10 days of learning, community, and networking with other bloggers and online business owners. We’d love to have you join us for the next challenge! Read all about the 10k Challenge here.

Here are our premium blogging and online business courses:

WP Fast Launch wordpress and bluehost training

WP Fast Launch

 This course is designed to get you up to speed QUICKLY with WordPress and Bluehost. It’s a collection of short screen share videos that walk you through setting up your site and showing you exactly what you need to know to hit the ground running. It’s specifically designed to show you what you need and intentionally leaves out the minute details that aren’t necessary for most WordPress users to bother with. Right now, we are offering this course is free with the purchase of Blogging Blastoff, Travel Blogging Blastoff, or when you go through our Bluehost link to start your own blog or online business: Read all about WP Fast Launch here.

Blogging Blastoff

Premium monthly training program designed to take you from blogging beginner to a blogging expert. This course shows you how to make money with a blog, drive traffic to it, set your blog up like a real business, grow your social accounts, and much more. So far, over 4500 students have taken this flagship course! Each month we enroll a new class for the next month and enrollments are open for just 1 week. Read about Blogging Blastoff here.

Travel Blogging Blastoff professional travel blogger training program

Travel Blogging Blastoff

Our premium training program will show you exactly how to run a professional travel blog. Topics include pitching for comped stays, how to produce professional content, growing your travel blog, and much more. This is everything we’ve learned from years of trial and error and over 80 travel blogging trips. Read about the brand new version of Travel Blogging Blastoff here.

Blogging Mastermind Experience professional blogger training course

Blogging Mastermind Experience

This brand new program at the end of 2019 is a next-level training program from Blogging Blastoff. In this program, Heather and I host a weekly 1-hour live video call for our students and answer any blogging and business questions that they have. There is also a tight-knit mastermind group designed to increase collaboration between these blogging students of ours that are very dedicated to creating amazing blogging businesses. Blogging Mastermind Experience is only open for enrollments periodically. 

Sell That Course

The biggest problem that online course creators face is selling their course or training program. This training program solves that problem once and for all. It’s our exact system that shows you how we build our communities and leverage them to create trust which ultimately results in course sales. It’s a system based on providing value to our students for free, and being there for them when they are ready to go further. Read all about Sell That Course here.

Motivate your mind monthly challenge
Motivate Your Mind

 Your mind is your greatest asset and also can be your biggest enemy in your online business. That’s why we put together the Motivate Your Mind monthly challenge. Each month we work together in this highly motivational group on a business mindset challenge designed to give you actionable tools to elevate the way you think and result in the business success that you deserve. Read all about Motivate Your Mind here.