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Now that summer is here my skin isn’t sure what to do. I’m so happy I was able to try and share BioRepublic Skincare with you all in this sponsored post.

biorepublic skincare

It was dry one day, humid the next and my skin has been going crazy.

I was looking for solutions and I found something that has really helped calm my skin down during all this crazy weather. BioRepublic SkinCare’s Sheet Masks are my new BFF. Seriously.

BioRepublic SkinCare’s rejuvenating Sheet Masks offer a 15-minute facial treatment that ensures optimal delivery of vital nutrients and moisture to the skin.

If you haven’t heard of Sheet Masks you are in for a treat!

They are fiber masks that snugly fit a woman’s face, ensuring optimal delivery of vital nutrients and moisture to the skin with a 15-minute facial treatment. BioRepublic SkinCare’s Sheet Masks are the first eco-conscious Sheet Mask brand on the market with packaging made of biodegradable and recycled materials that only include ingredients that are found naturally. The Sheet Masks are also made from bamboo fiber which consumes less water in production than trees used for pulp fiber masks, takes more CO2 out of the atmosphere than trees used for pulp fiber masks, prevents soil erosion and deforestation and does not require fertilizers or pesticides.

biorepublic cucumber breeze

Because they come in 4 different versions there is a mask for every need.

Cucumber Breeze Soothing Mask was the first one I tried and I loved how smooth my skin felt after. The scent is very delicate with big moisturizing power!

Packing over half a bottle of potent serum in every mask and loaded with active botanicals, these express facial treatments deliver the vital hydration and nutrients the skin needs to maintain its natural glow. Each mask contains a proprietary blend of five of nature’s time-proven skin remedies – witch hazel water, licorice root, star anise, green tea extract, and vitamin E.                   

biorepublic face masksbiorepublic green tea detox

The Green Tea Detox Purifying Mask is my secret (or not so secret weapon) for puffy skin. I’ve been putting in a lot of late nights catching up on work and this mask makes me look very well rested after I use it.

fiber face masksbiorepublic pomegranate crush

Pomegranate Crush Illuminating Mask is refreshing… and I love the scent!

biorepublic aloe rescue

I’m saving the Aloe Rescue Revitalizing Mask to use after the next day I spend time outside. 

Each mask contains a proprietary blend of five of nature’s time-proven skin remedies – witch hazel water, licorice root, star anise, green tea extract, and vitamin E.  

Plus, they are priced at only $4.99 per mask.

BioRepublic SkinCare Sheet Masks are available for purchase now at The Boxx Beauty Bar, Julian’s Cosmetics + Skincare, and Studio Oliver in Atlanta, Woo Skincare + Cosmetics in Nashville, The Spa at The Inverness in Denver, the Wynn Las Vegas, Sen Spa in San Francisco, the Birchbox flagship store in Manhattan, or online at,, and

If you use code LOVELY15 now through July 13th you can save 15% off your first order at

How’s your skin been this summer?

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  • I haven’t heard of these but I love skincare stuff like this. Thanks for sharing this new brand with me!

  • I love masks and have never seen one like these… less mess! The cucumber breeze one sounds like something I’d especially like. I love the smell of cucumber. It’s so clean and fresh smelling.

  • I like cucumber in a mask. I think that’s very refreshing. My SIL just bought me a new mask, but darned if I can find it, I think she left it in her car (and eek! I hope it doesn’t dry out).

  • These masks sound so refreshing and I really haven’t explored using masks that much. I need to get these and give my face a treat!

  • I would love to try out these masks. I have never tried a pomegranate mask. I tried out a cucumber one a few months ago and loved it!

  • These sound like great products. Unfortunately, I am afraid my sensitive skin wouldn’t appreciate them though.

  • I have not a had a mask in a long time! These look awesome! I need a beauty treatment spoil and this might just be it!!

  • The products look great, but it’s hard to tell because I keep getting distracted by your view. I think you might be showing off!

  • My skin tends to be dry even during the summer. I do drink adequate amounts of water however I still have dryness. Maybe a mask is something I need to invest in!

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