Golden Tote is saving my sanity and wardrobe, review

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Shopping for clothes can be time consuming and frustrating but it doesn’t have to be. Golden Tote makes buying new clothes quick and easy. This is a sponsored post on behalf of Golden Tote
Goldentote review

Work, motherhood, travel… life!

All of these things take up the majority of my days. Shopping for new clothes is a luxury, one that I rarely have time for these days, but I still want to look good and I love actually getting new clothes. Thankfully, Golden Tote has got me covered!

Golden Tote is a cool site that lets you shop for new clothes quickly and easily with expert advice from stylists.

I tested it out myself and just got the June tote (many items are still available). I signed up for an account and chose the size tote I wanted to start. There are two options. The $49 tote that has 2-3 pieces and the $149 tote that comes with 5-6 pieces. I chose the larger one. I then was able to add 2 pieces that I loved to my tote from a collection of clothing available for the month. The rest of the items are things that the stylists choose for you based on a profile you complete. I told my stylist that I loved dresses and wasn’t a fan of pants. Stuff like that. They have a bunch of questions that you answer to create an idea of who you are, and what your sense of style is.

After that you are able to add other things to your tote as “add-ons” at a reduced price, this is in addition to the tote items that you purchased. I completed the order process and then I just waited for my tote to arrive. The whole process took about 15 minutes from start to finish. That’s my kind of shopping!

Days later a really cool looking tote arrived in the mail with these items in it…

goldentote shirt

Special thanks to my daughter Ashley for helping me hold everything…

The first thing I took out of my tote was this top. 

I loved it! The flowing fit… lightweight material, everything about it was a perfect choice for me. I’m totally thinking that they got this perfectly right for me and I’ve only seen the first piece!

goldentote dress

Second thing was this dress. Again, totally me! I tried it on and it fits really well. I sometimes have trouble with dresses fitting and being comfortable too, but this was both. Totally something I would wear. 

red dress goldentote

Third was another dress so I was happy because I LOVE dresses… at first I wasn’t sure about this dress only because the color is really bright and I’m more of a black and other dark color clothing person… but I decided to try it on and it was the best fitting dress I’ve ever worn. Like, this will be my new go-to summer dress. I am in LOVE with it!

green dress goldentote

Fourth… another dress!!!! YES! Love this one too. I’m so glad they pushed me out of what was my comfort zone. This color is perfect for my skin, hair and eye color. The green in my hazel eyes popped when I put it on. It’s really comfy too! My teen already asked if she could maybe borrow it sometime… 

spaghetti strap dress golden tote

Fifth item… a dress again! This one isn’t something I’m going to wear all the time, only because I don’t wear spaghetti straps unless I have a bathing suit under them. Since I have a few trips planned to Florida and Turks & Caicos soon, this will still end up getting a lot of use.

goldentote review tops

Sixth item, a top! So, as soon as I saw this I knew my teen would want it. I don’t wear pants or shorts for that matter often so this wouldn’t get much use from me… but I did try it on with jean shorts and it’s adorable… and my teen (like I thought) already grabbed it. So if she hadn’t done that I would have worn it at some point. 

I’m not sure how they do it… even though I pretty much gave them a direction that I’m a strict dress wearer, they were still able to find tops that I love and would wear.

This tote was a 100% success.

If for some reason you don’t like pieces in the tote you have a couple options. They don’t accept returns of single items. When you buy a tote you are buying the whole thing, that’s how they are able to offer such a great value on the totes. So if you don’t like a piece you have to decide if you want to keep the whole tote or return it all. Another options are trading groups on Facebook. There are groups where you can trade pieces with others!

There was nothing in it I wouldn’t wear and I really loved everything I was sent.

They even include a styled outfit to show what to accessorize with. I love the pop of red color that they are suggesting with the shoes. Adorable! 

goldentote clothes review

For someone like me that likes having some help picking out clothing, and that is really pressed for time, Golden Tote is an awesome service. It’s also great if you love shopping for clothes from the comfort of your home. It was fun browsing through the month’s available items. I can totally see myself checking in to see what’s available each month! 

Do you have a favorite clothing item?

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