The 7 Photos You Must Take During Your Baby’s 1st Year

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There is so much happening and changing in your life after you have a baby. Whether it’s your first baby or third, remember The 7 Photos You Must Take During Your Baby’s 1st Year. Thank you to Dreft for sponsoring this post so that I can share all about my baby memories.

We had just about a month warning before Emmy was born.

This wasn’t a crazy headline story about me not knowing I was pregnant… it’s just another twist in the usual adoption story people tell. It normally takes years to adopt, and we got our new bundle of joy in 30 days! It’s unheard of and it was so exciting, but we also were left with much less time than the usual 9 months to prepare for a baby. I have no regrets about anything, except I wish I had taken more pictures. I felt like we were playing catch up the whole first year and I missed taking some pictures of special moments.

Since that time I now encourage new parents to take as many pictures of their new baby as they possibly can. Especially these seven photos you must take during your baby’s first year.

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1. Newborn picture. One of the pictures I treasure the most is the picture of each of my girls when they were first born. Emmy has been an awesome sleeper since day 1. Since the recent time change I’ve even had to tell her she can’t go to sleep till later. She’s also a morning person and would be thrilled to start her day at 4am. Hence why I don’t allow her to go to sleep at 6pm like she wants. I love looking at this picture, it’s moments after she was born and she just couldn’t stay awake! I was burrowed into a corner at the hospital just cuddling with her. I was in heaven!


2. The month by month pictures. I totally missed doing this. I think I took a week one picture and a month one picture… and then life just got too busy. I know that this was taken on her 2nd month birthday but that’s it. If I had more time I would have bought those sweet little stickers you can have made and then you just stick them on their shirt and take the pictures that way. Totally do it! Those are some of the coolest pictures to look back on.


3. Pumpkin Patch Pictures.  I could stare at this picture for days and days. My absolute favorite pictures are of my kids sitting with pumpkins. I even make them sit on the big ones each year for pictures. My fifteen year old loves me for it… although I think she secretly does enjoy it!


4. Random Pictures. This is another one of my favorite pictures. Emmy and I were hanging out playing patty cake and she picked up my phone and said “pic, pic”! She wanted a picture of us. My heart melts when I think of that moment. I love it so much that I’m even sharing a picture of me with no makeup! Don’t shy away from the random, non-milestone, non-special-event pictures. Those are some of the best!

5. Crawling picture, first steps etc. Just like how the random pictures are some of the best, so are the milestone ones. Keep your camera or cell phone handy and snap those special moments. Now that Emmy is 5, she loves to look back on those times too. PS. She tells me all the time how she was the cutest baby on the planet!


6.  Family Picture. I can’t thank my sister enough for taking this picture. This picture is only missing one thing… Pete! But still I love it. It’s our first “girls” family picture and I think you can tell just by looking at this how much we were already in love with our little one!


7. First birthday cake smash picture. So ours didn’t turn out so well. She wouldn’t touch the cake and she wouldn’t let us take a picture of her and the cake alone, we all had to be in it. Can you see the way she is looking at the cake. It still makes me crack up! You must capture your baby’s first birthday cake experience. I love when it’s all smashed on their faces and they are loving the sugar! So much fun!

One thing I learned from years of being a mom to babies is that the older they get, the messier they get… which can make taking pictures harder.

So… to keep your baby’s clothes clean for all these pictures be sure to use Dreft Stage 2: Active Baby Liquid Detergent.  It is specially designed with your developing baby in mind. That’s why it helps remove 99% of baby food stains and all the messes baby finds while crawling in grass and dirt. Emmy was a very messy eater (another memory that makes me smile) and having a detergent on hand to handle messes is a really good thing. It’s one less thing to worry about, and more time to spend with your baby!

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What is your favorite first year picture?

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