My Favorite Older Baby Moments

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I have a major thing for babies. I would have 10 if I could. They are just the sweetest things on the planet and I even like them when they are older, say 15 and just about to start driving like my oldest is. I can’t believe that! Thank you to Dreft for sponsoring this post so I can share all about my favorite older baby moments.


I was at my sister's house and she was doing laundry when I had a baby flashback after catching the scent of Dreft Blissfuls. Oh my! It is all things that are wonderful about having a baby in your family in one sniff. That sweet baby scent takes me back to so many moments spent with my babies.

My favorite baby moments are all different from one of my daughters to the next. My favorite baby Emmy moments were all sprinkled with humor… we all think she was born with an extra large funny bone!

Once she became an older baby they really started to shine through. Here are some of my favorite older baby moments.

Pretending to be mommy, daddy or big sisters.

I love when babies start to realize that older kids and adults are different than them… and they want in on the fun! Emmy used to wear our sunglasses all the time, but my favorite times were when she tried to wear our shoes. Especially knee high boots!


You can’t beat the joy in taking an older baby to their first amusement park.

All the people, the rides and the excitement. Emmy was in heaven. Even the rides she couldn’t go on in our laps didn’t faze her, she was happy in Pete’s arms watching everyone else!



So I know she won’t remember these times and I’m so thankful we have pictures to show her, but it was still an awesome time taking her on vacations as she got older. She’s still a baby, but aware of her world around her and I loved seeing her face light up seeing new places and seeing her sisters love taking her on new adventures.


Seeing their personalities start to shine!

Aside from those chubby little legs that she got as an older baby, I loved seeing her personality just pop! Everything was funny to her. And she was always up for a good photo opp! She still is!


Running! Catch an older baby as they first learn to run and just sit and watch. That is the excitement that we need to bottle and remember as we get older ourselves.

Talking! Not full on sentences quite yet, but stringing little phrases together make for such great moments. I cherish all of that baby talk with my girls.

Playing in the water! Bathtub, pool or sprinklers, it doesn’t matter. Water + Older Babies= MAGIC! We bought Emmy a water table and one day she decided she was going to climb into it. I jumped up to stop her just as she put her little leg right into it and water splashed everywhere. I can still hear her belly laugh to this day! So much Joy!

Meal Time. I love when older babies really start to be a part of meal time. From “talking” to wanting what everyone else is eating, it feels like they have taken a huge developmental step. I remember one time I was sitting next to Emmy at the table and I reached for my water just giving her enough time to steal my slice of pizza. Meal time is one of the best older child times to be together!  It’s also one of the messiest.  Thankfully Dreft has you covered with Dreft Stage 2 Active Baby Liquid Detergent which is specially designed to help remove 99% of baby food stains and all the messes baby finds while crawling in grass and dirt.


Cuddle Time. Seriously the best baby moments are when they want to cuddle with you after a long day of play! Even now I love cuddle time with Emmy and when I’m feeling especially nostalgic I wash Emmy’s clothes in Dreft Blissfuls.

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What are your favorite older baby moments?

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  1. Having kids is literally the best decision I ever made. Nothing brings me more joy in my life! I love seeing other people’s memories!

  2. I love being a mom, but I’m good with two lol. Now that mine are getting older (one is heading off to college soon! Yikes!) I want to take a few years of me time with just the hubs, then bring on those grandbabies!

  3. We adopted all of our kids when they were older so we never had baby moments with them! I do love little babies because they’re so cuddly and squishy and I love them when they get a little older and start to really show their personalities!

  4. I would say that Christmas has always been a great older baby moment time for my family. I love how they start to realize that there are gifts in those packages and they rip into them.

  5. I have so many such pictures of wonderful moments of my babies which are going to be so precious for ever. Your little girl is so beautiful & I am just loving all those pictures.

  6. I love older baby moments! I love it when they get their words together and begin to express thoughts that are unique to them. The world is so real to them and they are honest and bold in expressing everything they encounter.

  7. It’s great to watch their personalities blossom and see who they really are. It’s amazing to see how they grow and change and become their own little people.

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