Reese Family Vlog 121 – Maddie Goes To Acting School!

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This is Reese Family Vlog 121! Today we took Maddie to acting school! She loves acting and maybe someday she will hit it big!! We also were making the final preparations for Emily’s 7th birthday party.

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Did you ever take acting classes?

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  • I never took acting classes, it wasn’t really something I wanted to pursue. I was in a few plays during high school in the general cast, though.

  • Wishing your daughter Maddie all the best in her chosen field. I know she’s going to do good and you deserve a pat on the back for fully supporting your daughter’s dream.

  • I couldn’t ever remember lines but I always did want to take acting classes as a kid. Was too shy and really scared to do anything though. I think it would be such fun!

  • What an awesome experience! I’ve always wondered what acting classes were like. This seems so cool – I definitely enjoyed watching that!

  • Maddie’s acting classes sound like a lot of fun! I do not like huge crowds and public speaking, so acting is not for me. I did participate in a couple of plays when I was a kid, though.

  • I was never in acting, but had a few friends that loved it. My husband even was in plays growing up! His side of the family is big into plays, musicals, and entertainment. My sister in law is in NYC studying that in college!

  • Love seeing your family blogs. I did a few plays in elementary school, but never got the acting bug. I envy anyone who isn’t afraid to go for it and try something new. Happy bday to Emmy.

  • Acting is a great skill to have even if it doesn’t lead you to Hollywood. I think it would make public speaking so much easier. I get stage fright and its scary for me to talk in front of a huge crowd.

  • That’s a great class to be in. Also an outlet for your daughter’s creative talents. It’ll her confidence and being in front of people wouldn’t be such a scary thing.

  • My daughter is really wanted to take an acting class. Your daughter is really pretty and I see that she can handle that acting classes.

  • Looks like you’re all busy! I hope Emmy enjoys her birthday and Maddie does great with her acting school. I’m sure she’s awesome as it is.

  • Oh wow! That’s exciting! I’ve never taken acting classes although when I was in grade school, I was one of those who was always chosen to join a play. Good luck to your daughter!

  • I have never taken acting classes. This must be very exciting for Maddie. It’s wonderful that she has a supportive family. Best of luck to Maddie with her future acting endeavours.

  • Sprinkling Fairy Dust over Maddie! Good Luck!

    I have never taken acting classes, but in College I got a spontaneous urge to audition for a play. I literally ran out so fast when I was done that there may have a trail of dust from the stage lights. The director and very popular professor ran after me because I didn’t even wait for feedback. He liked my audition and asked that I take classes but I never did.

    I was on a TV show as a kid, and I think back about how much more adventurous and daring I was then, I need to get some of that sparkle back in my life now. 🙂

  • I didn’t take acting classes but I took part in school plays in high school. It’s good to be well-rounded! I hope she continues!

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