Evil Alexa – Fun With Our Amazon Echo

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This is a fun video we made about our trusted household helper, the Amazon Echo, or “Alexa” as we call her.  She started out very helpful, but seems to have developed a little bit of an attitude!

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Do you have the Amazon Echo in your home?

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  • Too funny. It’s only a matter of time before our technology starts taking over. Hopefully that won’t be for a long time. Alexa seems like a very useful tool.

  • I would love to get the Amazon Echo. It looks like it would be so useful and fun to use. I will have to add it to my wishlist.

  • I have heard about the Amazon Echo and think it would be so fun and pretty cool to have. I will have to see if its available here in Canada!

  • We love our Echo! Mainly we use her for music – just last night my daughter had her playing her playlist synced up from her phone in the kitchen while she was putting away dishes. Our echo is especially handy in the summer out by the pool for music – we don’t have to get out to change tunes, we just yell at her lol 🙂

  • I’ve always been a fan of your family! you all look so perfect! I love seeing you guys in action! Well, that Amazon Echo is something I need to try! hehe

  • We don’t have one, but my husband has been saying he wants one. Once I show him this, he may change his mind. I mean, he is a bit of a smarty himself, so he may like it, but I kinda doubt it.

  • LOL I love it when Alexa change the answer but it’s all true right? lol. This is really amazing this evil alexa is smart.

  • That is a cool gadget to have! I love the video, your family is always having so much fun! However, when “Alexa” started acting up, I felt so sorry for Emmy because she did not get the answer to her math question.

  • No we don’t have one, I’ve some good things and some bad things about them but it’s not really for us. Couldn’t ever see a reason for it, and never got a clear enough description of what it is used for

  • I could really use something like this as I sometimes think of things I need and don’t have a chance to write them down. This looks like it could save me lots of time and avoid running out of something I need.

  • I wanted to purchase the Amazon Echo for myself at Christmas but never got around to it. I’m going to just have to make the time because I think it would be fun and helpful to have.

  • I have a couple of friends who have this and we get a lot of laughs out of it.. it would make a nice gift.

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