Our SoCal Halloween Road Trip Weekend

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Last weekend we set off on another adventure! 

This time we stayed close to home with a Halloween Extravaganza road trip to Los Angeles with our partner Enterprise Rent-A-Car. We picked up our rental car on Friday and we started our trip first thing Saturday morning and by getting the car Friday, we had it packed and ready to go the night before! We also were able to take advantage of the $9.99 weekend rental car special that Enterprise Rent-A-Car has right now. It is perfect for local road trips like ours Friday through Monday. The promotion includes 100 miles per day (300 total miles for the duration of the rental) and the price per day varies based on the vehicle.  Economy or compact cars are $9.99 per day, Intermediate cars are $14.99 per day, Standard cars are $17.99 per day, and Full-size cars like we drove are $19.99 per day. 

We booked our rental car on the Enterprise website in less than five minutes too!


Our plan for the weekend was to visit a pumpkin patch, Halloween Horror Nights (for Pete and Maddie) and then Knott’s Spooky Farm to round out our Halloween Extravaganza Road Trip. Other ideas we had were to visit Disneyland for the Halloween fun there and to stop at more pumpkin patches, maybe even a couple where they actually grow the pumpkins! Once we started really planning it out though, we realized that there wouldn’t be time to do everything. This weekend was so awesome and we had just the right amount of time to have fun and relax!


On our way to the pumpkin patch Saturday morning, we stopped for lunch and a drink at this little cafe. I have been a fan since I was little, so the girls, by default are fans too! For some reason, Pete wasn’t as interested as we were! Ha!


We arrived at the pumpkin patch shortly after lunch and we got right down to business, I mean fun!


Em was all about the pumpkins and because we were on a road trip and not flying back home, she was able to take a pumpkin home with us!



Of course, there were rides, a petting zoo, and a jump that Em loved!


Then it was time to get back on the road!


We arrived up in Los Angeles in the late afternoon and got settled at the hotel. Then, it was back at it for more Halloween activities. We walked with Pete and Maddie to Universal Horror Nights, and then Ash, Emmy and I had some not so scary fun planned of our own back at the hotel.


That would be room service! 



The weather was seriously perfect! It was warm without being hot, so we took Emmy for some night swimming!



Out of nowhere a cloud moved over and started to rain just a little bit so we headed back to our room and we all fell asleep!

Bright and early the next morning we headed to the last part of our Halloween road trip…


To Knott’s Berry Farm for Knott’s Spooky Farm…..say that three times fast!


We had some delicious treats and fun compliments of Knott’s and the whole day was Emmy’s pick. We let her decide where to go, what to see, and of course what to eat. Have you ever let your child do the planning? It sounds scary, because we all know the funny ideas kids get, but it has always worked out to be so much fun for us!


I totally got off track there…back to our visit. Emmy wanted to see as many not-scary characters as possible, so we made our way to where they were. Maddie and this interesting fella had a discussion that I couldn’t even understand. I’m not completely sure that they understood it either. Oh well!



Em thought this guy was the funniest and asked Pete to dress up like him for Halloween. The jury is still out on if that is going to happen…


Of course, these two couldn’t pass the gun shop without a little gun show!


Since it was Emmy’s big day, Ash was a really good sport when Em asked her to go on the kid rides over and over and (well you get the picture) again…

This was an absolutely awesome road trip! We are even thinking of doing another one like this to celebrate Christmas later this year. There are so many holiday events here in SoCal that we could visit and Enterprise Rent-A-Car made it really easy to get away for the weekend and enjoy some Halloween Road Trip fun!

Here are our videos (vlogs) from this adventure:


What was the last road trip you took?

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