Why We Vacation Together – It's a Lovely Life!

Why We Vacation Together

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Vacationing together as a family is very important to us. Thank you to Vail Resorts for sponsoring this post.

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Family time is priceless!

Pete and I say this all the time. Our time together vacationing is some of the most precious time we have, so when we are planning our vacations, we want them to be epic memory makers. The last time we were in Pennsylvania, it was all about family. We enjoyed our time there recreating special moments that Pete had as a child and making new memories together. We went to an apple farm, took hikes, and ate so much comfort food. It was heaven. As the days started to get cooler, we started talking about what he used to do when his hometown was covered in snow. Then it occurred to me that we hadn't taken the girls for a real snow experience yet. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that a ski vacation would be an awesome family togetherness trip!

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Pete and I have both skied when we were younger, but we haven't been in years.

We already know the girls would love to ski, especially Emmy! I haven't seen her try a sport that she hasn't picked right up. I would imagine that she will be gliding down the hills the very first day. No matter how much you ski on your ski vacation or not, there is also all the other fun…like sipping hot chocolate by the fire and relaxing together.


I was trying to explain to my girls what it is like to stay at a ski lodge and ride the ski lift up the mountain with bright white snow glistening below, and then hop off and ride the mountain down… but, I've decided that it is something that you can't really understand until you do it. The scent of the pine trees and cool air, and the feel of the snow under your feet! So awesome! Halfway through explaining to them that a ski vacation is so much more than skiing, I was ready to pack my suitcase. Thankfully, it is almost snow time! Skiing is also something that you do one time, and even if you are feeling sore from using muscles that aren't used as regularly, you will already be planning your next ski vacation before you leave. It is that much fun!


Are you starting to think a ski vacation would be a good idea for your family too?

Let me introduce you to Vail Resorts, who is known for their top ski resorts, and since they have eight unique resorts to choose from, there is the perfect one for you and your family! For our ski trip, I'm thinking Northstar is the one we would visit, and hopefully, make a yearly tradition. Northstar has great lodging options for all family sizes, even those of us with larger families, plus wonderful ski instructors, a spa, and a village type feel with so much to do! The girls might also want to learn to snowboard and go tubing or ice skate the day away during our vacation. I'd gladly join them for those fun activities too! Northstar also has a luxurious touch, which is our preferred way to vacation, so I know we would have amenities and the comfort we are looking for. Plus, it is a short 30-minute drive from the Reno airport. I flew from San Diego to Reno last year, and it was the quickest flight! There was barely time for drinks to be served. That would mean that we would have more time to have fun and less travel time needed!


Family vacations are all about connecting with each other and having an epic time doing it! Vail Resorts is the place this winter to have an amazing vacation with those you care about most.

Do you take ski trips with your family?

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  1. You skiing photos are making me so excited for the months ahead. We traveled too with our kids last year and they now absolutely love skiing! It’s so important to travel as a family together!

  2. Vacations with the family are time well spent indeed, and it creates numerous memories that can never be replaces. I’m glad you guys are all about letting your kids experience everything there is when it comes to family vacations. I think a ski trip is amazing.

  3. The one time I went skiing with my son, he made me go up the ski lift and left me at the top of the hill… I didn’t know how to ski. I must love him because I didn’t kill him,

  4. People always talk about vacations on their own, and leaving the kids behind but I’ll be honest i couldnt imagine. There is plenty of time for that when I’m older, for now its all about family! So I love this!

  5. I also skied in my younger years, but haven’t since we had kids. Now that they are old enough to enjoy the sport, I think I would love to take them this winter. It’s a great winter activity!

  6. I think it is fantastic that your family is able to travel together so much. I would love to go on a ski vacation. We have never tried skiing. I will have to try out a local ski hill with the kids this winter.

  7. I used to ski all the time as a teenager. My Son like to Snowboard but we have never gone together. It would be fun to go this winter.

  8. Vacationing together as a family is the most precious thing in the busy & crazy life we live in and these are some amazing pictures of your wonderful trip. I would love one such ski vacation with my husband & kids and I am sure this is so exciting!

  9. Family time is priceless indeed. It’s nice that you travel together, that means more memories and a better relationship with the kids as well. I think it’s nice that you take the kids to places you’ve been to as a kid.

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