Our Girl’s Weekend To Orange County

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We just took an amazing adventure just the four of us for a girl’s weekend away. We had so much fun and the adventure was fueled by our sponsor, Noosh Brands!

This past weekend we set off for a girls weekend away.

We had a big project to finish on the East Coast, so Pete took a redeye out there on Friday night and the girls and I went up the coast to finish a different project… and go shopping! We wanted to get a jump start on our holiday shopping and I wanted to get them some surprises too!

I knew about the project with enough notice to plan where we were going to stay, but the rest of the adventure was pieced together about a day before we left. The “old” me from a few years ago would never have been okay with planning that close to the trip, but the “new” me totally was because I know how to prioritize. A place to stay, basic outline of activities, transportation and meals and snacks… that is what I know we have to have planned and the rest will fall into place, and it totally did!

Since this was a work/fun trip, I wanted to make the fun part REALLY fun. Before we got into the car I surprised Emmy with a new favorite- Noosh Almond Butter. If you haven’t heard of Noosh before, you will want to go out and buy some right away! It is that delicious and a healthy snack that your kids will love to eat! 

Noosh is also a plant-based, gluten-free, and absolutely delicious squeezable almond butter. It currently comes in two flavors: Original and Chocolate. 

I love that I am feeling my kids superior ingredients and that the Original and Chocolate Noosh have clean labels. They only use whole California-grown almonds, with no preservatives, no GMOs and it is gluten-free. It is made in a facility free from peanut, soy, dairy, and corn.

Maddie’s favorite is the chocolate and Ash’s is the original. Maddie eats them right out of the package. Ash does too but also drizzles it on bananas and apples, which Emmy always needs to “help” her eat. Ash also keeps them in her backpack for after workouts. 

Along with Original and Chocolate Noosh, we also grabbed some bottles of water and we were off on our weekend of fun.

Since we were going up the coast, we took the scenic route… because, look at this beach!

The funny thing is that we have been to a lot of beaches this year, but only to our local ones a handful of times. We sometimes take for granted what is right in our backyard, but we didn’t this weekend! We really tried to appreciate the beautiful blue water and sandy beaches!

As soon as the work was done, we shopped until we dropped.

Seriously. The first night we all were asleep by 8 PM. That is really early for us, but it just shows how much we packed into that day… and the rest of the weekend too!

Of course, Emmy looked for any animal encounters she could find and these fish were a treat for her to see. We all sat for a bit and had coffee (me) and tea for the girls while Em watched the koi swim by.

I think the girls favorite part of the weekend was just getting to hang out all together. I know that was mine. 

We also spent some time at a bookstore.

I used to love to go buy new books when I was younger, but there just aren’t as many bookstores anymore so the opportunity to shop in them is rare. The girls normally get their books online, so it was cool to spend time browsing in the bookstore and looking through all of the new releases and old favorites. We had planned to just buy one new book each to read over the weekend, but we all ended up buying multiple books. We also timed it perfectly (not on purpose) and there was an author at the store reading her latest book. Emmy really thought that was so exciting and she listened intently as the book was read.

Back in our suite, the girls spent their time relaxing and reading.

When I got up on our last morning there, this is what I saw. I love how the towel turtle joined the party. The girls were reading and snacking on Noosh. It was truly a perfect weekend!

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Have you started your holiday shopping?

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