Jamaica With Kids Travel Guide Day 2

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jamaica with kids

I still can’t believe how well we slept last night.

Emmy never lets us sleep in and we had to finally wake her up this morning. It didn’t take much to get her going… we just reminded her that we were in Jamaica and she jumped out of bed! 

We all took quick showers, well all of us but Maddie… she is in love with their showers and said they are the best ones ever. Typical teen… although I totally agree with her. The toiletries are also top of the line.

room service

Thankfully there are two bathrooms and two showers so we got ready pretty quickly… but not before Emmy ordered room service so that she could lounge in the child-sized bathrobes partner, Moon Palace Jamaica Grande offers while eating Fruit Loops. 


Every day is a workday for Pete and me, so we both relaxed on the balcony with room service coffee. I talk about how important coffee is to me in the morning because I feel like it really sets the mood for the whole day. I make my to-do list and sip coffee while checking emails. I had a really hard time focusing on my morning coffee ritual because I just wanted to gaze at this view!

cruise ship jamaica

We finally peeled ourselves away from the balcony and headed downstairs for a formal breakfast. I’m should probably call it breakfast number 2 since we had room service already, but since I only had coffee, I’m going to let that one slide. We ate at the buffet again and breakfast was delicious. The choices are expansive and Pete and Ashley really enjoyed the live-action omelet station. 

I was really concerned about what Maddie and I would eat while we were here because it can be harder for us to find food as vegans. My concern was completely unwarranted. We had a custom made tofu stir fry at lunch, personalized pasta for dinner, and full plates of fresh fruits and vegetables at each meal. None of this was a special request either. It was all available on the buffet. I did mention to the pasta chef at the pasta station that I was vegan and allergic to fish and he immediately went and got a new pan, washed it just to be safe, and then prepared my meal. There was no confusion and I was made to feel completely comfortable. That doesn’t always happen and it has made this vacation even better… if that is possible!

IMG_g8hlrtkids vacation in jamaica

Yesterday we thought we had seen the whole resort, but we had really only seen half of it. 

After breakfast, we set off to explore more. The Moon Palace Jamaica Grande is a big resort, with a small resort feel. Everyone makes you feel like you are the only guests here. We found some true gems while we were walking around… including the included water sports area…

moon palace jamaica grande wedding gazebojamaica sailing

Pete, Ashley, and Emmy decided to go sailing!

We were a little worried about how exactly we would sail since Pete had no idea how to do it (since it had been years since he’d sailed) but we totally didn’t have to worry. They actually take you sailing! They just hopped on the boat and enjoyed the ride. They were gone about 20 or so minutes and it was so fun that we are all planning to go all together again!

jamaica family all inclusive resortsailing lessonsboat rides jamaica

We also found a new place to eat. Pizza and drinks over the ocean is like a dream come true! Emmy loved that she could look down and watch the fish swim by.

dining at moon palace jamaica

We also got some swimming in. The water slide is 100 feet long and I think everyone in Ocho Rios knew when Emmy was going down it. She hollered “THIS IS AWESOME” each and every time she went down. Pure joy!


There are four other dinner restaurants, and we are planning to try them soon, but dinner was again at the buffet. It’s just so easy and the food is great so we have been eating there.
all inclusive family resorts in jamaica

The water is so clear and blue here…
family travel to jamaica planning

Late-night snacks are a must here. Em had a strawberry cake slice and the rest of us had sushi! The sushi bar is open from 11 am-11 pm and they are happy to make sushi any way you like it. We had cucumber rolls and cream cheese and cucumber rolls. We are planning on having more again tonight!

desserts at moon palace jamaica

There are so many things to do outside the resort, and there are also so many things to do on the resort that you really don’t need to leave to fill your days with fun. We are so glad that we planned a full resort day. It was jam-packed and it took Em less than five minutes to fall asleep… in her special kid’s robe of course!

moon palace jamaica grande review

The Moon Palace Jamaica Grande is running a special right now for all my readers. Clicking my link here will take you to their best available offer. We had such a great time at this beautiful resort and I really think you will too!

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What are your favorite things to do on vacation?

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  • We like to sight see as much as possible on vacay! You know, make the most of it.

  • I used to go to Jamaica all of the time when I was in college (I’m from Miami, FL and my mom worked for the airline so free flights yay). I admit I wouldn’t think about bringing kids there, but you have made me seen the light LOL! I bet my husband’s 10 year old and 16 year old (my bonus kids) would have a blast!

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  • Great photos! What a great place to visit. Looks you have a great time and fun!

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