Tips We Learned After Our First Visit To Disney World

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Last year we went to Walt Disney World for the first time as a family.

We had such a great time that we booked another trip back just a couple months later… and now we have yet another visit scheduled for next month!

We have been taking the girls to Disneyland since they were little, in fact, Emmy had her first big outing to Disneyland when she was 8 weeks old. We still love Disneyland and visit as often as we can, but Disney World has a special place in our hearts now too. 

After our first visit to Disney World, we put together our top 5 tips in partnership with Undercover Tourist’s, that we wish we had known on our first visit!


Tip #1 Plan Breaks- Most people stay at Disney World Hotels or partner hotels that offer easy transportation to and from the park. Take advantage of the ease of going back and forth and plan for breaks. We made sure that we were there right when the park opened and then we left during the hottest parts of the day, just to return when it started to cool off again. We used the off time to get work done (school work for the girls) in our air conditioned hotel room, going to the resort pool, enjoying the restaurants in the hotel and just relaxing so we had more energy for later.


Tip #2- Pick your FastPass+ before you go, or at least the night before even if you aren’t sure you will be able to use them. We didn’t choose any, thinking we would just wander around for a day and get a feel for the parks, but by the second day we were using and loving the FastPass+ system. You pick three rides that you want to go on and the system creates a schedule and gives you times to get onto the rides without the regular waits.
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Tip #3- Go to all the parks. You won’t be able to see all of them in detail in one trip unless you are visiting for months, but at least step foot into each park and see what they have to offer. We all loved the Kilimanjaro Safaris in Animal Kingdom and we would have missed this completely had we not dedicated some time to see each park. You don’t need to pack full days into each park (although that is fun too), just make sure you see them all for a bit during your stay.

Tip #4 Eat at some specialty restaurants. There are a lot of them. On our first visit we ate at Be Our Guest and Sci-Fi Drive-In Theater Restaurant among others. They were totally worth it. I think the best plan is to schedule one a day since they are an experience themselves and will take some time away from the rest our your activities.

Tip #5 Save on your tickets and hotel rooms and use that money for more fun at the parks. Undercover Tourist’s offers discounts on Disney World hotel rooms in addition to tickets and car rentals too. Their website is super easy to use and the discounts they offer are some of the best around. I’ve worked with them before and they are our go-to site for easy discounts.

Have you been to Disney World?

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  • We have a reservation for Sci Fi on the one evening we don’t have a DSMMC dinner. I can’t wait to finally eat there.

  • Disney World is one of the happiest places on earth for a reason. How can anyone not love exploring. There is always so much to do and see all the time.

  • These are fantastic tips for Disney World. I am hoping to get there in the next year.

  • Who wouldn’t love Disney World, right? Those are really nice tips, I hope to visit soon with the girls and just enjoy everything as much as we can. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  • Great tips and I agree about saving on hotel rooms to do more at the park. Disney World is such a fun family place and everyone should be able to experience it at least once.

  • will definitely go to all the parks! and the rest of your tips are very useful! bookmarking this for our visit next year!

  • These are great and useful tips especially for first timers. This list of tips could save a lot of money and time for first time visitors. Thanks for sharing them up!

  • Love your plans and hope to apply them next month at #DisneySMMC. We have been to WDW in the past, but I never find new ways to explore the parks and these tips are greatly appreciated!

  • I went to Disney 15 years ago now, I would absolutely love to go again one day, though I’m not sure I will make it. Perhaps Disneyland Paris is more for me haha! x

  • Looks like you had a great time! I look forward to my son’s first visit!

  • I’ve never been to any Disney parks, or any parks for that matter. I’d love to get to Disney at some point though… These are really great tips!

  • When we went to Disney World it was very hectic for us. We tried to do everything in 5 days, which I have to say is not enough. After researching tons and tons of website, I got great deal for hotel room through our AAA membership and that is what we went with.

  • The Magic Kingdom looks completely amazing! I’ve always wanted to visit Disney, but I hope to visit there sometimes soon!

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