Gifts They Will Look Forward To For Months To Come

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Gifts They Will Look Forward To For Months To Come

Do you have people on your list that are hard to shop for… and that you really want to get them something unique and special?

I know I do! My dad, Pete and some of my friends immediately come to mind. Each year I imagine finding them the perfect gift… and then I spend weeks searching and I settle for a gift card at the last minute. 

This is not happening this year! I finally found gifts that they will love, that are not the run of the mill presents… that are fun because they are stretched out over the coming months. I’m sharing all about these awesome gifts via this sponsored post.

monthly pepper box

Love to spice things up? The Monthly Pepper Box is for you… or that special someone on your gift list!

hot sauce

With the Monthly Pepper Box, a box of 3 hand chosen artisan hot sauces, the best that America has to offer will be shipped to your door or your gift recipients door. You could even do both if you order one for you and one as a gift!

Each month they will build a special box featuring 3 unique hot sauces from a hot sauce maker. Each month features three distinct heat levels ranging from “mild” to “call the fire department hot” and there will be either three different sauces from a single hot sauce maker or 1 sauce from three different hot sauce makers. Either way you are going to get to try some awesome new hot sauces! Learn more at

simple loose leaf

This is for all the tea lovers our there. I have a bunch on my list and they would love the Simple Loose Leaf Tea Monthly Box.

tea monthly box

The Simple Loose Leaf Tea is a box of teas you’ll love delivered each month. It features 4+ unique loose leaf teas like Black, Green, Herbal, Oolong, and more! They even cover the shipping for US members and all Tea Boxes ship out on the 1st of the month! Included in the Tea Box are two reusable tea bags for easy brewing! Learn more at Simple Loose Leaf Tea.

single cup club

I love all of these… but this one would thrill me to receive as a gift, in fact, I think 99.9% of the people on my gift list would LOVE this! The Single Cup Club is a great gift to give (and receive).

kcup membership

The Single Cup Club is a box of coffee everyone will love! It features 15 artisan Keurig compatible cups in 3 unique and savory coffee blends delivered to your (or your gift recipients) door monthly with free shipping for US members!

Give the gift of a box of artisan coffee and they will experience small batch roasted coffees in the convenience of single serve cups.  Every month they will discover 3 unique blends of artisan coffee and have enough coffee to brew 15 savory cups.  Come explore the world of artisan coffee and discover your passion for amazing coffee. Learn more at

Hop on over and place your order today for these awesome gifts.

When I buy memberships for presents I either print out the confirmation and include that in a card or I buy something that goes with the membership and I include the print out with that. A new mug would be perfect for the coffee and tea boxes and maybe a big bottle of water with the hot sauce (or some equally funny item)!

Who is the hardest person to shop for on your list this year?

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