The Perfect Gift For Students, Entrepreneurs and Those That Love Technology – It's a Lovely Life!

The Perfect Gift For Students, Entrepreneurs and Those That Love Technology

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Pete and I are always looking for products that make life easier and better. We were really excited to discover the Bamboo Spark because it does both of those things and more and we are equally excited to share this with you all via this sponsored post.

bamboo spark

Pete and I joke around that I am stuck in the late 80's.

Mainly with music, but also that I LOVE pens and pencils. I have always loved storytelling and putting pen to paper and letting my thoughts flow… so I've been a slow adapter to technology that takes that away from me. 

Pete on the other hand adapts quickly and genuinely gets excited for all the new advances that are happening in the tech world. He is more than happy to leave the 80's, 90's and 2000's behind and move as far away from paper and pen as possible. In fact he runs his real estate office almost exclusively paperless. 

One thing we both do is that we still make a paper to-do list every morning.

We write down everything that needs to be done by the end of the day. I've tried to switch to an electronic list, but I always go back to using a pen to write it out. There is just something about using a pen to write it down that helps me remember to do it and I feel like by writing it out I'm making strides to accomplish it. The only problem is that I almost always misplace my list by midday. 

I had no idea until this week that there was a really easy and stylish solution that would fix all of this.

bamboo spark review

Meet my new friend, the Bamboo Spark!

I am so in love with my Bamboo Spark… we all are. It can be used as a regular pen for whatever you would normally use a pen for. But, it can also be used as a pen-to paper-to tech. That means I can write it on my favorite paper in the portfolio and then push one little button and it automatically gets transferred to the Bamboo Spark app for light editing and it is also saved to the Wacom Cloud for archiving, sharing and access anywhere.

how to use the bamboo spark

It can be used for so many things and we've all been thinking of different ways to incorporate it into our lives.

For the student this would be revolutionary. Can you imagine taking notes in class and then being able to upload our handwritten words so that we can access and study them no matter what device we have with us? Maddie already wants her own for school work.

For Emmy, this is a great way for her to store her doodles and drawings.

For me, I love having my to-do list with me on the go. No more lost lists for me, and yet I still get the satisfaction of writing our my list each morning.
bamboo pen

It also works seamlessly with cloud-based services, including Evernote or Dropbox so if you already have that set up this is a huge time saver! 

spark bamboo

It's pretty beautiful too!

The portfolio is available in three styles:

  • Smart folio with gadget pocket – a smart folio with space to carry your smart phone, business cards or extra paper.
  • Smart folio with tablet sleeve – a smart folio with a flexible sleeve to hold a tablet with up to a 9.7 inch (diagonal) display.
  • Smart folio with snap-fit for iPad Air 2 – a smart folio designed to fit the iPad Air 2.

new bamboo spark

The Bamboo Spark would make an awesome gift for everyone on your list. It can be purchased at the Wacom Store.

How would the Bamboo Spark make our life better?

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  1. Really like this and would love to have one. Yes, it would make a great gift, but… I want it. I’m a journal kind of gal and buy them up every time I see one on sale. This would be a perfect addition to my little (ok large) collection sitting over there on the corner table!

  2. I would keep that for myself, lol. But I bet my girls would love this. It’s really nice and especially handy!

  3. I’m with you. I really need to write it down to keep track of it, but I also lose my lists. I tend to jot things down on the first paper I see and then it gets shuffled somewhere. This is a better plan.

  4. thanks for sharing another great Christmas gift idea. I have students in college currently and I believe this would be awesome for them. Will be looking for it and making sure they do not all ready have it

  5. I am 20 something, been going to school all my life and I finally started to realize I LOVE pens too,

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