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Florida Tour Day 10 The Florida Keys

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morning coffee

Visiting The Florida Keys has been on my travel list for as long as I can remember, so today was a much anticipated day! We started the day with coffee on our balcony at Naples Bay Resort with this view! It really felt like we were in Europe as we relaxed out there.

florida road trip

After that, we packed up the Toyota Highlander and started the drive to Key Largo through the Florida Everglades…

florida everglades

When we left Naples, we thought it would be a 3 hour drive, which ended up taking almost 6 hours after we drove through the worst storm I’ve ever experienced. The wind was whipping and the rain was so thick that we couldn’t see at all in front of us.  If that wasn’t enough, there were lightning strikes non stop as close as a couple car lengths away.


Once we made it to a high area, we stopped at Starbucks for an hour. Pete and I got some work done, and we all enjoyed a drink before getting back on the road.


The storm calmed down for a little while and we were able to make it onto Key Largo.

ocean pointe suites



We chose Key Largo for this trip since we were trying to fit in so many places into the time we had here. Since we are already planning a visit back this fal,l we will be visiting Key West and some other Keys during that visit. I think that is going to work out perfectly, giving us a little flavor of the Keys!


Our two bedroom suite at Ocean Pointe Suites in Key Largo was like stepping back in time to a slower more authentic Caribbean Island. It really reminds us of our Jamaican trip last month. These suites are all about the unobstructed views. The water off our balcony is so clear and I’m hoping we see some sea animals during our stay.  


For dinner, we headed to a local Italian restaurant (Notice a pattern here? I LOVE PASTA,) and then we returned back to our hotel and watched the lightning show from our suite. We all feel asleep pretty quickly with the sounds of thunder far off in the distance!

We are hoping for better weather tomorrow so that we can learn about dolphins and sea turtles….something that we all have been looking forward to!

Here is a video of our suite:

Have you been to the Florida Keys?

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Heather Delaney Reese is the storyteller and photographer behind the lifestyle and family travel blog, It's a Lovely Life®! For the past decade, she has vacationed over 150 days a year with her family. She is a vegan, and loves being by the water, spending time with her children, husband, 2 Shih Tzus and Cat.


  • The keys are my favorite winter destination location. Your photos make me want to pack up the car and head there now.

  • Oh wow, everything is gorgeous- I bet that’s a wonderful place to unwind! I’ve never been to the keyes but it looks like a tropical paradise.

  • That scenery is absolutely breath-taking! I can’t imagine being there, or ever leaving once I got there! I HAVE to get to Florida!

  • I have been to Florida a lot, but not to the Keys! I am dying to get there! I Can’t wait to see when you get down there in a few months!

  • I am going to Key West over Thanksgiving and I am so excited. I have never been there before.

  • I have been to Key West and it was a fun place to visit. I even saw the elusive green flash one evening as the sun went down. It was a very happy trip. Your visit looks like it is going to be a great one – you sure have a beautiful place to stay

  • Thanks for sharing… I have so many fond memories of the Keys… Love the different perspective & new ideas as seen through the eyes of another!

  • I’ve been to the Keys many many times over the years. It’s a nice place to relax and enjoy the sun. The trek getting there can be crazy, especially with the intense rains the sometimes just blow in out of nowhere.

  • Oh my goodness, six hours? That is nuts. Driving through storms can be so scary. At least your suite was a ‘home’ to relax in 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us

  • This looks like a really nice suite. I was born and raise in Florida and I still have not made it to the keys.

  • Love love love your travels! So nice to see things from a mom of young children’ point of view!

  • My friend and I were just talking the other day about how we wanted to go down to The Keys. My family does not live far so I could see them as well. I would love to see the Hemmingway house!

  • I get so excited about vacation that I forget about the storms that can happen. This was the case when my duaghter got married on the beach. It started out a beautiful day. We watched the storm form over the ocean and by the time the wedding started, it was crazy….fastest ceremony ever!

  • I really am loving reading along about your trip, this looks like such a fun family trip. My middle recently said he would like to go to Florida this Summer, I am so hoping there’s a way to get us down there. With it only be about a 24 hour drive, maybe rent a car and do a road trip, not sure yet!

  • I have never been to Florida Keys, but I’d love to go! I love reading all your posts about your trips. I’m planning on going to Florida this Winter, so I love reading all about your adventures in Florida. It helps me figure out a place to do when I’m there!

  • I have so many great memories of vacationing in the Florida Keys with my hubby. Now we can’t wait to explore the same great spots with our kids now that they are old enough to travel without totally freaking out all the time–we can actually enjoy some fun in the sun together!

  • I love pasta too! The scenery is so relaxing, you can just stay there all day long.

  • The Florida Keys look so beautiful. I go to visit my parents in Florida every winter. Next year i will have to go to the Keys.

  • That was such a long trip, and it was a little terrifying too with the storm and all. I’m glad you made to the hotel safe. The suite looks fantastic as usual, I love the bright yellow color, it adds life to the room.

  • I have never been to the Keys. Every time I read about where you’ve gone I want to go. My husband and I are planning to travel with our kids more and our list is growing. This is on mine for sure.

  • They Keys is such a great place to travel and explore! I love following you around your Florida vacation destinations 🙂

  • Their is nothing as wonderful as staying in a suite and Ocean Pointe Suites in Key Largo look like a great choice. I love all the extras and views you were able to find in the KEYS.

  • I will make this happen sooner or later. Maybe once I talk my wife into selling the house and buying a sailboat big enough for all 7 kids…

  • The Florida Keys are an absolutely beautiful place. I haven’t been since my honeymoon and it was a nice treat to see the place through your photos.

  • It can be so stressful driving through storms especially with children. I am glad you made it safe and had some time to relax and recover.

  • Your post makes me wanna go there, I just love Florida Keys more than before! I will bring my family there someday and hope to experience a wonderful vacation.

  • My brother was stationed down in the keys and I never got the chance to visit him! When the kids get a little older, we’ll be outta here more and on the road to places like this. Beautiful photos.

  • I have always wanted to visit the Florida Keys. Looks like such a gorgeous place!

  • It looks like you are all having a fantastic time on your Florida vacation. The Florida Keys I have always wanted to visit and hopefully some day I can. You have such a beautiful view from the balcony. It is just gorgeous there. Thanks for sharing you experience.

  • I would love to live in Florida, I want to visit there sometime soon, everything about the state is beautiful.

  • Looks like you guys are having tons of fun! I would love to stay in that hotel some time too. It looks like it would be relaxing! (I love pasta too!)

  • How could you not be happy waking up with that view?! I hope the weather is panning out. I really want to hear about your dolphin and sea turtle adventures.

  • My brother and his wife always vacation in the keys. I get filled with such jealousy whenever they post their pictures. You guys are all convincing me that I neeeeeed to get there and fast!

  • No, but the Florida keyes is definitely on my bucket list. A friend of mine has gone and she had a great time. It truly looks like a tropical paradise.

  • Oh man, 6 hours? The lightnings must have been so scary. The long drive is worth it though. I would love to go there one day.

  • My son and his girl just spent a weekend in the Keys. They said it was fabulous.

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