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Tour Of Florida Day 9- Naples Airboat Adventure

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This trip has really opened my eyes my eyes to a lot of things. I always considered myself a luxury traveler and stayed on the side of relaxation and exploration….leaving more thrilling adventures to Pete and the girls. Luxury travel to me is spa treatments, really nice accommodations, and good food, among other aspects.

speedy's airboat review

I never added big adventures that get your blood pumping into our travels unless Pete initiated it. That changed this time, and I’m so happy to see how we can incorporate more of this into future travels.


Back to day 9…

We all woke up early and had breakfast. We enjoyed our balcony at our travel partner, Naples Bay Resort….all while I was secretly hoping that a manatee would pop up in the water.


This is a manatee area, and there have been many that have passed through these waters so I had high hopes. It didn’t happen on this day, but I’m not giving up hope. After seeing so many on our boat ride yesterday, I am just fascinated by them. They are gentle giants and amazing to see!

Florida everglades alligator tour

After a relaxing morning, we added some adventure to our day… see, we are already working it in more! We went on an airboat ride with Speedy’s at the suggestion of the captain of our boat ride yesterday.

florida everglades tour

I felt like I was on a ride at Disneyland. It was fast and slow and water splashed everywhere and I felt excited and scared all at the same time. There is something about knowing that there are sharks, crocodiles and alligators in the waters below you to create quite a range of emotions!

florida everglades

Our guide, Kevin was awesome and has been doing this for 17 years! He told us all about the local wildlife and where to see panthers, black bears and everything else you don’t want to come across while walking alone in the everglades. He also recommended that Emmy stay close to us while we explored outside the boat tour. Talk about making my eyes pop and my mommy heart go into extra drive!

florida swamps

Clearly she wasn’t a bit concerned!

everglades tour

She LOVED this… as did the other girls. I was so happy that they offered sound protectors… and I started cracking up when Emmy took hers off for the pictures.  She didn’t want her hair to look crazy.

where to see alligators

About 45 minutes into the hour long ride Emmy fell asleep. She does that at dinner on vacations too. I have no idea how anyone could sleep through this. It was a quick nap and five minutes later she was recharged and back in the action!

lazy river

After all that fun, my knees were weak and I felt like I was still vibrating from the airboat ride. Totally worth it, but I went right back to our suite and took a shower to rinse off that Florida Everglade water.  Then we headed to the pool at Naples Bay Club which is part of Naples Bay Resort. 

We had so much fun in the lazy river and the family pool that has a waterfall! The adult pools are right next to these and there is a bar there too!swimming pool naples bay resort club

We had dinner at a local Italian restaurant and then we all went to bed early knowing that tomorrow is another big day! We are driving down to the Florida Keys! I am so excited to check another Kokomo song location! Key Largo here we come!!!

Here is our video of day 9:

Have you been to the Florida Keys?

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  • Wow! I have always wanted to ride one of those things! It must have been so much fun for you and the children! I will have to remember going on an airboat adventure if and when we get to visit Florida.

  • Never even been to Florida here! I wish, this looks like SO much fun. My kids would want to do this again, and again!

  • My goodness, that video is quiet amazing that I would love to experience one such air boat experience right away. It is a great adventure to travel & I am bit scared about going past those harks, crocodiles and alligators under the water, lol!

  • I have always wanted to go on an air boat! They look like just a blast to go on! Naples is beautiful I love visiting there!

  • What a fun trip! I have always wanted to try taking a ride in an airboat. It looks like so much fun!

  • Absolutely love Florida! I’ve only heard good things about Naples so maybe next time we’re down in Florida I’ll be sure to bring the family to explore Naples! Looks like you guys had an amazing time!

  • I have never been to the Florida Keys but, after reading your post, I definitely want to visit. I can’t believe how beautiful it is there and how blue the sky is in your photos.

  • So fun! My family did an airboat ride in Florida a few years back. The kids loved it. It’s one of those things you just have to do when down there.

  • I have yet to take my kiddos on an air boat ride, but I think they are ready. I have been before and it is so nice to be out there in the middle of nature.

  • That would be so cool to see! I’ve never been to the south, but I’m headed into Florida for a minute next Friday (flying into Jacksonville) and then driving up to Savannah. So excited.

  • Was fun watching your youngest girl Emmy with her arm in the air on the air boat ride. Had no idea they could cruise that quickly on the waterways. I would definitely be having a blast as well….lol! 🙂
    Have never been to Florida. I am a runner, and the 1st things that gets me interested in visiting a certain area is a race event. The everglades do look like such a fascinating place to visit! 🙂

    • Hi Carl,

      I think a race event there would be out of this world awesome… such a beautiful place to run and so much to do both before, and after the race! I too had no idea that we were going to be going that fast. I think Pete might have known, but I really though it was going to be a leisurely ride looking for wildlife! Ha! I sure learned pretty quickly. Emmy kept asking the driver to go faster… she’s a wild one!

  • That boat ride looks like a lot of fun. I’ve always wanted to do that. My girls would really enjoy it as well. It sounds like you are all having an amazing time!

  • What an adventure for you and your family! The airboat ride really looks fun and exciting. I would love to try it and hopefully, get to see the manatee too.

  • It looks like you guys had a great time. I’ve always wanted to go on an airboat tour but haven’t managed to get around to it yet. Guess I’ll have to plan a vacation to Florida next year.

  • I lived in West Palm Beach for 6 years and then moved to Fort Myers and lived there for one year. Fort Myers is close to Naples. We’ve been there a couple of times but just we only went to the beach. Looks like I missed out on some really fun stuff!

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