Fall Time After Workout Essentials

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I’m still getting used to being the mother of a dedicated exerciser. 

We got through summer keeping up her hydration and now that it is fall time I’m realizing there are new hurdles to keep her healthy. Simple things like a transitional wardrobe, or going from shorts to capris as we move to full length pants. And then there is the whole “sun setting earlier in the day” issue that can make morning and evening workouts more challenging due to lack of sunlight.

manuka honey adhesive pads

But what really caused an issue was tears and rips exacerbated by the drying air.

We are trying hard to combat it with our humidifier, at least while she is at home… but sometimes they can’t be avoided. 

But we discovered a new product that is making these issues a bit better. Ashley has been using  CVS Sterile Manuka Honey Adhesive Pads. If you haven’t heard of Manuka (Leptospermum) honey, it’s a medical grade honey that’s harvested from the Manuka plant in New Zealand. Researchers have found this species has unique components that make it ideal for healing wounds and burns. 

Fall Time After Workout Essentials are different than other times of the year. Here are some steps you can take to be in prime shape this time of year.

  • Remember to stay hydrated. Summer is normally the time when you think about drinking extra water, but the drier temperatures of fall can leave you dehydrated. 
  • Don’t forget your before and after protein boost, even if it’s dark outside. Prepare the day before so that it’s easier to remember to take with you.
  • Bring a light sweatshirt. It can still be warm out, but after your workout it might be cooler than when you started.
  • Remember to get Extra sleep. We tend to get more tired with less daylight. So listen to your body and get extra rest as needed.
  • Take Days Off. You can still get up and moving on your rest days. But be sure to actually take rest days. They serve a purpose and allow your body to heal and prepare for the next workout.

after workout essentials

CVS Brand products offer quality and affordability and they carry the trusted CVS Brand name. With products ranging from allergy and cold remedies to first aid essentials and personal care items, including CVS Cold/Flu Relief, Probiotic Softgels, and Children’s 100% Real Fruit Multivitamin Gummies, it’s the place to go to stay healthy this fall and winter. In many cases, CVS Brand products even exceed the FDA’s testing guidelines and regulations and offer features or benefits that other comparable products do not.

after workout essentials cvs

What are your fall after workout essentials?

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