CARS Land, {Disney’s California Adventure} Review…We loved it!!!

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Last month when we were at Disneyland for the opening of Mickey and The Magical Map we also explored CARS LAND! We were actually there last year when it opened so I’ve included some of those pictures here too!


This is my favorite part of CARS LAND! It’s not even a ride {those are awesome too}, but this is just jaw dropping. There are multiple entrance points into CARS LAND, but if you happen to come in through the Grand Canyon entrance {that’s what I’m calling it at least} be prepared to feel as if you really are in the Grand Canyon, or at least inside the CARS Movie. It feels like you are walking through the scenes you’ve been watching on TV. I love when kids get to have more magic in their lives and seeing a movie come to life is MAGIC!

The colors and detail will stun you! If you have little CARS fans this will be something they talk about for a VERY long time!


Pete and the big girls went on Radiator Springs Racers when it first opened. I stayed behind with the little one. Can you believe that she is tall enough for the ride already and she is only 3! I’m not sure if I should be happy or sad… On this day I was happy and so was she. We all got loaded up and the ride started. There was screaming, hiding, stomach dropping, the wind and speed making us feel like we really were racing. It was really fun.



Food is very important especially if you have little ones with you that HAVE to eat constantly. When we are on vacation we have a free for all rule. We let loose. Having said that our let loose is a whole lot healthier than another peoples let loose, but it’s still fun to do. Do you do that too? Back to the food. These little cone huts all feature different snacks. Popcorn, churros, tall drinks and more!



Want something more than a snack? This is my moms favorite restaurant in California Adventure, Flo’s 8 Cafe. It’s a total 50’s Diner and the food is delish! I love that there is a vegetarian choice too!


Our little one loves fruit and Disneyland and California Adventure have fruit stands all over the parks! This one might be the coolest one though. The colors pop and it makes fruit look even more appealing {if that’s possible}.

There are quite a few rides to go on in CARS LAND so try to plan ahead and scope them out so you can get an idea of what rides you want to experience. CARS LAND is not huge in the sense that it will take you all day to work through, but there is enough for a good 3-4 hours or even more if there are wait times. So plan to spend an afternoon there to enjoy it all. We like to hop from CARS LAND into the other lands throughout our visit based on wait times. If you can start the day in CARS LAND and then work through the other areas you will be setting yourself up for a seriously fun day. Our little one was tall enough to go on all the rides so totally bring your little ones. Our older two enjoyed the rides just as much and I love that they appeal to kids of all ages, including us parents!




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