Disneyland’s All New Fantasy Faire! Little Princesses Must See This!

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Attention Princess Aficionados!  There is a new place in Disneyland for meeting and having fun with Princesses and it’s called the Fantasy Faire! Once you think that there is nothing left to add to Disneyland you are again surprised at their vision and creativity. What a great idea… a place just for “visiting princesses” to meet and greet their royal subjects {aka kiddos}!


Located right next to Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in what was the Carnation Plaza Garden {that hasn’t really been used in quite awhile} the location is perfect for hanging out with a princess or watching a story come to life in the Royal Theatre. All of the stories feature a princess too!


I have to do a shout out to Sleeping Beauty’s Castle because I am so in love with the colors. If I was in the market for a castle this would be the perfect one. Unfortunately it’s not for sale, and a castle isn’t in my budget right now, but we can still visit it often!


My little one was so excited to see princesses and since there were quite a few people there she opted for the best view in the house, on top of Daddy’s shoulders! If you have a little princess this is the perfect opportunity for them to get decked out in their favorite princess gown!


When you first step into Fantasy Faire you will be wowed like I was with the depth of imagination that went into the construction of this wonderful “town”. From the details in the concrete to the artists painting techniques to look like authentic stone and wood… the talent that was used was so amazing that you don’t even realize it. That’s the point. It looks seamless and perfect! 


We felt like we were walking the same streets that Belle did in Beauty and the Beast or maybe the village Pinocchio grew up in.  There is something so magical about being able to take your child to a place where their favorite characters come alive while you are transported to a world you only read about.


The creators behind the Fantasy Faire are true visionaries who used their imagination to bring park guests an experience like no other. From a place to take pictures with visiting Princesses to a performance in the Royal Theatre to hear stories featuring Belle and Rapunzel, it’s a “must do” destination when you visit Disneyland.


If evil villains are more your thing, sneak into the castle and you might find one as we did.

fantasyfairedisneyland{photos compliments of Disney}

I think Disney says it best:

“Fantasy Faire, a new storybook village near Sleeping Beauty Castle, immerses guests in timeless Disney tales. They can meet several Disney Princesses as they stroll through the beautiful Royal Hall, and then enjoy two Princess-themed shows at the Royal Theatre. The musical shows tell the tales of Rapunzel (“Tangled”) and Belle (“Beauty and the Beast”) as presented by Mr. Smythe and Mr. Jones, a pair of vaudeville-style Renaissance storytellers full of good humor. The princess heroine, Rapunzel or Belle, joins in the fun and remains with the audience to greet guests following the story.”

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into the new Fantasy Faire… if you haven’t been yet I really recommend adding it to your Disneyland itinerary. If you have a Princess fan in your home be sure to get on over to Disneyland asap!

Disclosure: Thank you again to Disneyland Resort for inviting us to this special media event to experience this amazing new live performance show. We loved it!

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  • Haven’t had the chance to see the new parts of FantasyLand. I used to work there and love that you got to meet Malifiecent. She doesn’t make many appearances. While there I tried out for “face” . There are “face” & “fur” auditions. I was picked to be seen for face of Malificent. They took different angled shots and then said “sorry, but your nose doesn’t come to a point!” Ha, it was so funny. I remember Cinderella had a southern accent like nothing i heard before. They loved her but couldn’t get her to kick the accent.

    • Oh my Olivia… I had no idea they put that much into the auditions! That’s pretty cool that they are that careful to maintain the the right look for the characters 🙂

  • We are due for a Disney trip soon and I can’t wait to my little girl’s reactions to the new Fantasy Faire. Should be great!

  • This is cool, but I miss the Carnation Plaza Garden. It was my dad’s favorite place to hang out when we would go to Disneyland.

    • I thought I might miss it too… we once had the older girls take a cookie making class there. They STILL talk about it… but it’s been closed off for so long that this is a nice new addition 🙂

  • What a wonderful review – I enjoyed reading it! Fantasy Faire is amazing, isn’t it? We don’t have little girls, but my boys love it!

    • Having only girls I tend to see things only through girl eyes LOL! But I totally think that boys would have a great time too!

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