10 Easy Ways To Spend More Time Together

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Easy ways to Spend more time with your significant other

You want to spend time with your significant other, but there never seems to be enough time, so it never happens. Month after month you have the same goal of being together more and it never happens. Until now! 

Here are ten easy ways to spend more time together with your significant other.

1. Have a regular, scheduled date night. Once a month go our to dinner or see a movie. Plan way ahead and mark it on your calender. Book a babysitter and don’t let anything stop your date night.

2. Find a common interest or hobby. Pick a room to remodel or start a thirty day clean eating challenge together. Spend time planning and shopping together.

3. Volunteer together. This is good for your community, sets an example for your family and a great way to bond and spend time together.

4. Plan a weekend (or even just one night) away, just the two of you. It doesn’t have to be far. It can even be minutes away from your home. Just as long as you feel like you are “getting away from it all”.

5. Leave notes for each other. There is something romantic about a love note. Take time to handwrite a note to your lover. It can be one line on a sticky-note left on the dashboard of their car. Or it can be a whole page letting them know how amazing they are and how much you love them. Those notes can often end up being treasured memories years later.

6. Find times to sit together and talk at home. We can be busy even at home. Find time to sit down and catch up on life together. Maybe at dinner or after the kids are in bed or if you are both morning people, catch up over coffee. Communication is a HUGE key to a successful relationship!

7. Exercise together. What a better partner to challenge and encourage you than your significant other! Exercising together will provide plenty of opportunity to talk and spend time together while getting healthy and fit. A win for both of you!

8. Do household chores together. Maybe the women who are reading this are saying “Amen!” a little louder to this one. But seriously, working together on keeping your home tidy is a great way to spend time together and check off that chore list.

9. Go for a walk. Nature is invigorating! The fresh air and inspiring outdoors is the perfect way to enjoy each others company. 

10. Go out to lunch together. Plan a day once a week to match up your schedules and meet for lunch. If you don’t have room in the budget for restaurant prices, pack a picnic and meet a nearby park. 

What do you do to spend more time with your spouse? 

Heather Reese
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Heather Delaney Reese is the storyteller and photographer behind the lifestyle and family travel blog, It's a Lovely Life®! For the past decade, she has vacationed over 150 days a year with her family. She is a vegan, and loves being by the water, spending time with her children, husband, 2 Shih Tzus and Cat.


  • We carpool! It’s an extra couple of hours a day and I love it! I realize it’s hard to carpool as couple if you work different hours and/or locations. We also spend quality weekend together by doing something different every weekend. For example, we went to the Toronto Home Show the other weekend, visited a few open houses just for fun and to see how we would like your future home to look (brings up great discussions!), we also have movie nights right at home, we cook together and also grab coffee and go for walks! There are so many ways to get creative and come up with fun, affordable activities!

  • This is a great list…I’m just not in a great place to be enthusiastic about it, this moment. Lately, every time we ask someone to babysit so we can get out even for an hour, nobody’s ever available. Our eighth anniversary was last Wednesday, and after telling people for several weeks that we wanted to go out this week, the person who agreed to do it told another family member her kids could spend the night THAT NIGHT, so instead of going to Olive Garden day after tomorrow, we had an ice cream cone and an hour together tonight – it was that, or nothing at all. We are committed to each other, and love spending time together. Lately, it just seems that nobody in our support system gives a crap that we can’t just leave our toddler home alone to make time for each other (and hiring a baby sitter isn’t an option).

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