THE LEGO® MOVIE EXPERIENCE is now open at LEGOLAND California!

THE LEGO® MOVIE EXPERIENCE is now open at LEGOLAND California!

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THE LEGO® MOVIE EXPERIENCE is now open at LEGOLAND California!

Thank you so much to LEGOLAND for inviting us to see the all new THE LEGO® MOVIE EXPERIENCE. We had a wildly awesome time checking it all out and couldn’t wait to get home to write all about it. 


This past week was more fun than I can even say. And that is saying quite a lot for someone that makes a living saying things. Trust me on that one. The highlight was spending a few hours one on one with the little one and checking out this awesome new exhibit at LEGOLAND California. The LEGO® Movie is all the rage right now and this really brings the movie to life!


We are pretty big LEGO fans so when I got the invite to check this out I moved mountains {slight exaggeration, but I would have if it had been necessary} to make it happen. Staying up late the night before and breezing through the experience even though we wanted to stay later just to get to enjoy the ubber coolness was totally worth it. If you have a big LEGO fan you MUST bring them here. You can thank me later.


The LEGO® MOVIE EXPERIENCE lets you step onto a LEGO sound stage and explore some of the models that inspired the hit new movie!


We even got to see Jadon Sand who plays “Finn”!


Does this look familiar? 


So many of our favorite scenes in the movie were represented! 


She begged me to take her photo with this model. She was in awe over all the details and kept asking me how they could possible make it!


More coolness around every corner! There are more than 3 million LEGO Bricks in these models!


And this lovely poster is already hanging in her room…


You are never too old to want to take a picture with a couple of heroes!


I need to do a little shout out to the food! We don’t follow a gluten free diet, but if you do LEGOLAND really has your back. I saw lots of displays like this. 


We were so happy to get to see THE LEGO® MOVIE EXPERIENCE at LEGOLAND California! It’s now open and it can be viewed once you are inside the park. There was a bit of a wait on the opening day when we were there, which shows how popular this is going to be, so be sure to head on over first thing after you enter the park. It’s worth the wait and the line moves quickly. This would be the perfect addition to a quick So Cal mini vacation paired with a night at The LEGOLAND Hotel!



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